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Here's What You Get:

Over 1,500 satisfied transformations are proof that you're not doomed to bad genetics or cookie cutter dieting!
Custom 3-Phase Meal Plan
A detailed nutrition regimen, backed by science, is customized to your exact stats and goals.
Custom 3-Phase Training Regime
A fully custom 3 phase training regime, built to your specific goals, that will progress as you need it to
Weekly Email Updates
Regular updates, motivation and tips & tricks to get the most of our your custom program
Full Supplement Guide
A list of essential supplements to boost your performance, eliminating any guesswork.
Recipe & Grocery List
Packed full of foods you can recognize and afford. You won't find overhyped “superfoods” here.

Does 12 Weeks To Apex Really Work?

With 12 Weeks to Apex, you're getting a COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED program that gives you the long-term results that the usual cookie-cutter courses can’t deliver on. (And it’s a sustainable process, too.)
I am an experienced lifter and wanted a challenge. My expectations were exceeded. After I received the amazingly professional custom plan, I was quite surprised. Best money I've ever spent. I have already recommended you to many friends and will only continue to do so!
- Michael M.
Did you know that most fitness “experts” and diets give advice that train your genes and metabolism to work AGAINST YOU?

It’s sad, but it is true. I train a lot of “trainers” and coaches and the majority of them don’t have the nutritional knowledge to advise you on how to eat to hit your goals. This doesn’t make them bad people, or even bad trainers necessarily.

The problem is that most of the information in the industry is miserably outdated and straight up not applicable anymore.

That's why I'm constantly learning from the top experts in the world. I want to bring the best to my clients. So I’ve personally hired and worked with some of the most respected coaches in the game. I’ve also immersed myself in cutting-edge research and Kinesiology and Nutritional science.

Your failure to lose weight or build muscle has little to do with genetics and everything to do with bad, outdated pseudo-science (a.k.a. “bro science”).

Those outdated beliefs aren’t just unproductive. They cause harmful, long-term damage and disruptions that work against you and turn your body into a fat-building, muscle-burning machine. (The EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want it to be.)

What Will You Get Out Of 12 Weeks To Apex?

The secret is simple: what works will differ from person to person. That’s why 12 Weeks To Apex is a 100% CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM, not some cheap, generic eBook.
Train for
4 to 5 Hours
Use Crazy
Amounts of Gear
Buy Gimmicky Supplements
Expose Your Muscle Potential
Add 10, 20, 30 Pounds of REAL Muscle
Build a Bigger Chest, Arms & Delts
Eat More
& Get Lean
Kick Starvation
to the Curb
Forget Bulking
& Cutting
FACT: When you lose weight the wrong way, you HIJACK the hormones that keep your metabolism running smoothly.

And those hormones steer everything from your hunger signals to how quickly you can burn fat and build quality muscle.

It takes as little as ONE WEEK of improper “dieting” to DESTROY YOUR ANABOLIC HORMONES AND METABOLISM and derail your ability to lose fat or build muscle.

WTF, right?

So, why are you constantly bombarded with workout programs and diets full of BIG promises that are really built on damaging, counterproductive ideologies?


Because those extremes get splashy, short-term results. That’s why they’re plastered all over the internet and infiltrating your social circle. Short term results that lead you back to square one are a good way to ensure repeat customers, right?

There's a Better Way. And I'm Going to Show You.

12 Weeks to Apex is a proven, 100% CUSTOMIZED step-by-step program that’s engineered to:
  • Create your IDEAL, SUSTAINABLE lifestyle to look (and feel) your best ALL YEAR

  • Deliver results, while living a realistic lifestyle (the odd BEER when you meet up with your buddies won’t be a dealbreaker)

  • Make your body WORK FOR YOU like a well-oiled machine

  • PERMANENTLY Improve your problem zones like never before

  • Build MASSIVE amounts of LEAN muscle while INCINERATING fat (yes, you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time)

  • Create a LIFESTYLE you love, not a 24/7 diet

All in 12 short weeks. (No spending your life at the gym or swearing off carbs required.) Backed by 15+ years of experience with thousands of clients of all ages, fitness levels, shapes, sizes and backgrounds, INCLUDING:

  • A client who went from 640 pounds to 275 pounds just by following this program (it did take more than 12 weeks I will admit)

  • Gym goers who have hit a plateau

  • Couch potatoes who didn’t know where to start

  • Elite athletes and lifters ready to learn more and take their physique to the next level

  • Stay-at-home parents with minimal time for themselves

  • Cutting edge research in Kinesiology and Nutritional Science

  • Insights from some of the top trainers and coaches in the world

Does It Work?

The support they offer is great. The way the workout and meal plans are laid out is perfect. Easy to follow and fool proof. Stick to the plan and you will get the results. I would highly recommend.
- Josh E.

Thousands of Clients Like You Achieve Jaw-Dropping Results That Last

A Body and Lifestyle Program that’s 100% customized to YOUR body and goals. Designed to achieve SUSTAINABLE, LONG-TERM RESULTS.
A custom diet & workout like this would set you back over $597. Start today for one payment of $279 USD or two monthly payments of $175 USD.

The Truths You
Need To Hear

In 15 years of experience, I've discovered a few of the key truths that you'll need to break through to get your year-round gains.
Truth #1

Everyone is busy. The difference between guys who succeed and those who don’t are the habits they form and the choices they make with their most irreplaceable asset...time.

Truth #2

Shitty genetics aren't an excuse. Your needs are different than the next guy. It can still be done. You aren’t doomed to be the “skinny guy” or “flabby dude” forever.

Truth #3

In a year, you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on time you can’t get back. Make a choice to improve your life and invest in yourself. Start your momentum.

What's Wrong With 98% Of Diets?

Most of the nutritional advice and workout programs out there are based on outdated (mis)understandings about how a guy’s metabolism actually works.

There’s a reason why over 98% of men who try diets will fail. Improper diets DERAIL your body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle over the long run.

THe Problem
with Diets: #1

Cutting carbs, counting calories and eating the same thing or same “macros” day after day is a surefire way to derail your goals & gains long term.

To succeed, your body needs to work FOR you, not against you!

When your diet and workouts align with your body’s unique needs, you provide your fat-shredding hormones and metabolism with everything they need to burn fat (and build muscle) as efficiently as possible.

  • Boring, bland, restrictive diets leave you feeling deprived and strangle muscle building hormones you need (also increasing the chances that you’ll go off track)

  • Eating the same thing for months on end can actually cause you to develop food allergies

  • Improper calorie cutting (especially of carbs) will derail your insulin sensitivity and the hormones that control your hunger and energy metabolism

  • Growth is not linear and neither is fat burning, you must change things up in order to grow and have massive success. It cannot be the same “diet” day in, day out.

THe Problem
with Diets: #2

Everywhere you look, there’s a new workout fad or superfood that’s “guaranteed” to help you drop fat, date a supermodel and successfully game the stock market.

To succeed, your body needs to work FOR you, not against you!

When your diet and workouts align with your body’s unique needs, you provide your fat-shredding hormones and metabolism with everything they need to burn fat (and build muscle) as efficiently as possible.

  • Binge on carbs for days…..and never pack on a single pound of fat

  • Eat clean, workout and supplement with top shelf products…..only to stay on a fitness plateau

  • Put on 10 pounds of pure muscle if they even smell that cheesy, pepperoni covered pizza

It's simple. Every guy is unique. And so are their bodies.

Traditional bulking and cutting diets/workouts are killing your gains and keeping you at square one.

So Which Body Type Are You?

Creators of fad diets and workouts tell you what works for them. They don't consider the most important factor: you.
Everyone has an ectomorph in their life. They’re the ones who can eat anything and never gain weight. They have a fast metabolism and it’s tough for them to build muscle.
Endomorphs are the polar opposite of ectomorphs. You know you’re an endomorph if you have a larger frame, store fat easily and never seem to have any success with diet or exercise programs.
Mesomorphs tend to be the sought after body type. Think easy-to-build muscles, low body fat (but a larger frame) and a moderate appetite. These are the Arnold’s and Stallones of the world.

You're Unique. One-Size-Fits-All diet won’t work for everyone.

Each body type has unique needs and characteristics that will flourish with the right diet and workout program (and hit a wall with the wrong one).

Most of the creators behind fad diets just stumbled on what worked short-term for them (or a few other people).....and assumed they’d found THE ANSWER for everyone.

Their assumption has probably caused you a lot of wasted time, money, energy.

Enough is enough.

I want you to ditch:

  • Generic fad diets and eBook programs

  • Low carb (or no carb) dieting

  • Counting every calorie you eat

  • Eating the same boring meal over and over

  • Spending hours on the treadmill

When you’re “on” a diet, it’s likely that one day, you’ll be OFF that diet. That’s why I don’t believe in building a better diet.

I believe in building a better lifestyle..FOR YOU.

An Apex lifestyle.

Ready For Gains That Last All Year Long?

Get your own, proven, 100% custom, program for incinerating fat & packing on massive amounts of lean muscle.
Start today for $597 one payment of $279 USD or two monthly payments of $175 USD.
Yes! Start My Custom Plan

"I have trained in person with a trainer and had a customized nutrition plan and I can honestly say that Apex goes far beyond anything I've experienced. I was sceptical at the beginning but here I am going into week 11 and I couldn't be happier with the way I look and feel."

- Michelle K.

"The whole experience was and is amazing. The transformation is incredible, the results I have seen were unbelievable. Definitely am going to keep at it!"

- Adrian K.

In Your 100% Custom Program, You'll find:

Everywhere you look, there’s a new workout fad or superfood that’s “guaranteed” to help you drop fat, date a supermodel and successfully game the stock market.
A Better Weight-Loss Technique
Be more effective (and sustainable) than daily calorie restriction
How To Maximize Metabolism
Learn how you can control insulin, GH, estrogen, testosterone
Secret to Burning Calories 24/7
Build your body so that it burns the fuel you provide it efficiently
The Wrong Kind of Clean Eating
Avoid the wrong kind of clean eating that’s hurting your health and fitness goals
Metabolism Highjackers
There are dangerous metabolism hijackers hidden in “light” and “fat-free” foods
Why Lifting Less = Big Gains
Why lifting less weight is better for hypertrophy (aka building muscle)
Cardio's Dirty Little Secret
Discover the real reason you can’t cardio your way to a killer bod
Your Body's Strongest Muscle
Why you’re probably shortchanging your progress by not using it properly

Be Human. Still Pack On Massive Amounts of Lean Muscle.

If you slip up on a meal or workout, don't worry. 12 Weeks to Apex is built with the occasional bacon cheeseburger in mind.
I am an experienced lifter and wanted a challenge. My expectations were exceeded. After I received the amazingly professional custom plan, I was quite surprised. Best money I've ever spent. I have already recommended you to many friends and will only continue to do so!
- Michael M.

What's included in your fully custom program?

This custom diet and workout would set you back over $597. Get yours for ONLY $279 USD (or two payments of $175 USD).
Custom Meal Plan & Recipes
$225 Value
This detailed nutrition regimen is customized to your exact stats and goals. And this isn’t a “chicken and asparagus” meal plan. Yikes, no thanks.

Put us in the “variety loves company” category. Recipes include: 15-minute Lasagna, Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Tenders, Coconut Protein Pancakes.
Custom Training Regime
$225 Value
Your training program is customized to your unique stats and goals. It lays out exactly what exercises to do (and when), the sets, reps and include trainer comments to maximize your results. Need some rest? I’ve included helpful tips to keep you on track.
Supplement Guide
$75 Value
Whether you’re a seasoned gym bunny or a beginner, I have tips and terminology breakdowns to ensure you get the most from your sweat sessions. I’ve also included an in-depth, easy-to-understand breakdown of the science and philosophy behind the program.
Weekly Support
$72 Value
Change is hard, even when it’s something that makes your life better. Your plan includes12 weeks of supportive, insightful and encouraging e-mails to help keep you accountable and on track!

A 100% customized program like this would normally cost several hundreds of dollars.

But it was my goal to make this as accessible as possible for as many people as possible.

That’s why I designed 12 Weeks to Apex to excel as an online program. Obviously, I can’t work for free but instead of $500+ dollars I’m now offering this program for a limited time price of $279 USD (or two payments of $175 USD).

And remember: I’ve tested my way through thousands of hurdles and failures so you don’t have to.

I’ll be here every step of the way, showing you the EXACT STEPS to sculpt a body of CHISELED MUSCLE that LASTS ALL YEAR, EVERY YEAR.

What Goes Into Your Custom Program?

These factors are run through an intensive assessment that took 15+ years to perfect. It takes 3 to 4 days to comb through your unique data points and create a program engineered for maximum results.
Body Type
Job Activity
Sleep Habits
Exercise Habits
Eating Habits
Fitness Goals

Designed by Ryan Rosengren

Elite Athlete, Bodybuilder, Pro Trainer

After 15 years of coaching, you can imagine what I've seen guys do out of desperation to pack on precious muscle mass. But I’ve also helped thousands of guys just like you.

I know you’re frustrated. You’ve tried every diet, workout routine and miracle supplement out there. You’ve logged the long hours at the gym and eaten so much chicken and rice.

But your arms still look like toothpicks and you’re convinced your abs died of suffocation under that perma layer of muffin top fat.

I get it!

As an Elite Athlete, Bodybuilder and Pro Trainer, I’ve seen and tried it all over the last 15 years.

That’s why 12 Weeks To Apex is a 100% CUSTOMIZED, SCIENTIFICALLY-BACKED, PROGRAM. Not some cheap, generic eBook!

No “gear”, no gimmicks, no bro science. And I'll be here to provide guidance, every step of the way.


If you have any questions about 12 Weeks to Apex, we're more than happy to answer them. Here are a few we usually hear.
Who is this program for?

Do you want to build a better body and a better life? Are you willing to put in the work to do it? Then this program is for you! It’s as simple as that.

There’s zero guesswork in this plan. I'll tell you exactly what to eat and what workouts to do. You just have to show up and do the work.

This program will get results for:

* Beginners who are ready to make healthy lifestyle changes but don’t know where to start
* Devoted gym goers who want to push past plateaus
* Fitness enthusiasts ready to take their body to the next level
* Anyone who wants the results from a personal trainer but has to stay within their budget
* Clients who live in remote locations where it’s difficult to find a quality trainer

Are the plans I receive really 100% personalized or am I going to get a generic routine?

Your custom 12 Weeks to Apex program is exactly that: customized! Some of the things I assess while developing your custom plan are your:

* Age
* Weight
* Body Type
* Job activity levels
* Sleep habits
* Eating habits
* Exercise habits
* Health and fitness goals

I run all of those factors (and more) through an intensive assessment process that took me 15+ years to develop.

That’s why it takes 3-4 days for you to receive your 100% customized program. I take the time to comb through your unique data points and create a program designed for maximum results. I'm not just sending out a generic, cookie cutter template program.

What if I make a mistake and miss a workout or meal?

If you miss a workout, you missed it. If you miss a meal, you missed it. You’re human. You’ll make mistakes, especially when challenging yourself with something new.

If you have a slip-up, don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on schedule. Ask yourself if something in your schedule led to the slip-up (i.e. did you book back-to-back meetings next to a donut shop?).

Remember: you are what you continually do. You habits define you. Stay focused on building your good habits and the bad ones will eventually fade away. Your 12 Weeks to Apex program keeps working, even if you have a hiccup or two.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Your results will depend on your fitness goals, body composition, and most importantly, your level of commitment to your program. But, no matter where you are in your current fitness level, we guarantee you'll get results if you:

* set measurable goals
* seek support when needed
* stay on track with your program

Many of my clients begin to see results in as little as 2-4 weeks and most can feel a difference after just days. Countless clients have completely transformed their physique by the time they finish their 12 Weeks to Apex program.

What type of results can I expect?

Since this is a custom program, goals and results vary widely. Some clients focus on weight loss while others want to gain muscle.

Our average male clients looking to add muscle and drop body fat will gain over 10lbs of solid muscle WHILE dropping body fat.

My average female clients drop roughly 7% body fat.

We’ve had clients drop up to 55lbs in 12 weeks just by following their custom plan.

If you commit, your custom 12 Weeks to Apex plan will transform you, too.

Who shouldn’t join this program?

Your custom 12 Weeks to Apex program can only deliver long-term results if you’re willing to put in long-term commitment. That requires the right kind of motivation. If you’re looking for a quick fix or magic pill, this program isn’t for you. If you’re not willing to work hard, this program isn’t for you. We’ve designed this program to be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Without full commitment, you won’t achieve maximum results.

So, if you’re sick of wasting your time, money and energy on diets and workout routines that don’t deliver and you’re ready to take meaningful action toward the body (and life) of your dreams, get started on your custom plan.

Do I need a gym membership for this program?

We understand not everyone has access to a quality gym. While a gym membership can give you access to equipment that’ll help you achieve maximum results, the success of your program depends on the principles behind the workouts and meal plans. (And of course, your commitment and hard work.) So, if you adapt the exercises to your home equipment, you’ll still see results!

Get Your Custom 12-Week Plan

A custom plan like this would normally set you back over $597.
Get 12 Weeks to Apex for one easy payment of $279 USD or two monthly payments of $175 USD.
$279 USD

Get your 12 Weeks to Apex program going with an easy one-time payment of $279 USD.

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Start your 12 Weeks to Apex with 2 monthly automatic payments of $175 USD.

"The work out plan was really good. The meal planning was so much better then i thought any meal plan would be. You could definitely notice the changes through the phases. All in all the program was really good."
- Tanner M.