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Why A reset Program?

It’s CRUCIAL that we give our body the support it needs to function optimally and a rest is an integral foundation for that process!

Eliminate Toxins

Eliminating toxins will ensure that all of the cells in your body are functioning optimally.

Kick Start Digestion

Kick start your digestive tract to better absorb & better utilize nutrients.

Detoxify Your Liver

Ensure maximum utilization of the nutrients that you consume.

After years of breathing in, absorbing, ingesting and, yes, even producing these toxins from within, our cellular health begins to diminish and since cells are what make up our entire being that's pretty serious!  

When these free radicals reach high levels they attack our healthy cells causing the natural cleaning and maintenance mechanisms inside our body to become overloaded and overworked. Left unchecked, free radical damage causes destruction to healthy cells which can lead to serious health issues.

Overall, you will feel and look better! Your brain will be clearer and your body will have increased vitality from all the nutrients you can now properly utilize!

How Long Until I See Results from My Reset?

The Apex Reset is a 7-day program that's much more than just a detox. Our proven, multi-faceted, approach utilizes whole food nutrition and a few specific supplements to maintain a base level of nutrient nourishment.

Phase 1

You will cleanse while supporting maximum detoxification and recovery state.

Phase 2

Introducing more whole food along with the nutrients your body needs to get on with your busy life.

Phase 3

The payoff really begins. You will be feeling great! You’ll be given a healthy and sustainable meal plan.

What Can I Expect?

Your situation is just that - yours. No one can make things change for you or force you to stick to this protocol so you get the maximum out of it. That is 100% up to you. We just give you the artillery to fight back and reset your system to be high-functioning once again.

Increase Your Energy

Metabolize Sugar More Effectively

Improve Your Digestion

Improve Regularity & Your Appetite

Improve Protein Synthesis

And Far Fewer Cravings!

Built Through Experience &
Backed by Science.

Our “Reset” plan will help cleanse your internal body systems to ensure they can operate optimally again which will help you maintain the healthiest systems and cells possible.

Ryan Rosengren, an elite athletic trainer and Danielle Vaughn, Canadian Bikini Champion, have combined their knowledge of nutritional science with elite athletic training and formed a reset program that is built through experience and backed by science.
“After working with Apex I can really see why they get results, the plans are thought out in a way so nothing is left to chance. It is not something I've ever seen or tried before but a lot of the latest and greatest proven science behind how the body works. If you follow the plan you WILL get results, short term and long term!"
- Marshall F.
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Only $30 $15 USD
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