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Ryan's Apex Philosophy

Constructing your dream physique (​​and life​)​ shouldn’t be about depriving yourself. When d​​ieting isn’t e​njoyable or ​aligned with ​YOUR l​ife i​t w​on’t result in​ long​-t​erm results.

Learning the Apex philosophies​,​ that involve a hybrid of training and diet methods such as ​Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, a​nd ​Carb Backloading,​ ​helps you​ create​ a life that ​lets you to​ liv​e​ up to your t​rue​ potential and do it with absolute purpose.

Ryan’s vision​,​ with Apex​,​ allows you to feel and look your best 365 days a year -​ ​ NOT only​ ​when​ ​you’re making huge sacrifices while you’re “​on” a diet.

Zero Deprivation

Food is amazing. It’s delicious and meant to be enjoyed. Crazy calorie-restrictions and food-group eliminations are never effective in the long term. At Apex Vision Fitness we develop ways for our clients to look and feel amazing while STILL being able to fully enjoy the foods they love. It sounds too good to be true but really it just means eating correctly for your body type.

Shredded Using Science

No fad-diets. No magic pills. Just impressive, sustainable results . Our programs have been created using15+years of documented transformations, continual education and in-the-trenches work.Every plan is built usingthe latest scientific studies - not outdated nutritional hogwash.

Year-Round Body = Happiness

It’s a fact that 99% of diets and workout plans produce results for only a few months, at best. They become a vicious cycle that most people never break free from. Our mission is to help you create a lifestyle you can truly love by smashing through plateaus and providing you with something you can be confident will deliver your best long-term results.

Empowering Teaching Style

Without​ a doubt, the potential for ​achieving ​great things already exists within you but now there will be no​ more struggling on your own. Apex training programs are designed to push you past your self-imposed limitations so you can finally tap into that​ true potential. While the​ focus ​is ​on body transformations there is much ​more to ​an Apex program than what’s on the outside.

Ready For Your New Lifestyle?

12 Weeks to Apex Will Transform Your Body Faster Than You Thought Possible

This isn’t another one of those cookie-cutter training plans that never seem to work. YOUR custom 12 Weeks to Apex program will be built according to your body type, goals, and more. Your transformation will begin with a mindset adjustment and will end with finally sculpting the body you desire.

Build Your Plan

Discover the Apex advantage and watch your body transform with a program that is tailored to you.

Choose your criteria

Living Apex is about building a life that works FOR you. Working out and following a plan shouldn’t be a chore. With the Apex system we strive to optimize everything from your body to your mind so this can be a  process that you will actually ENJOY!

Get excited because achieving that #goal body is going to feel damn good!

Apex Vision Fitness empowers it’s athletes to push past their limitations. We give you the tools you need to find unrelenting motivation, every single day. No more excuses…only results you can be proud of. (remove the apostrophe in “its” and the comma between “motivation” and “every single day”)

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    The program that will add at least one inch of muscle to your arms and calves in 6 weeks. GUARANTEED. Apex Overload – Arms & Calves is a specific protocol for muscles that require a unique approach!

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    Metabolic Maximizer Recipe Book

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"Living Apex" Is More Than Our Slogan. It's a Way Of Life.

Many fitness companies will lead you to believe that getting into the best shape of your life is overwhelming, time consuming, and requires you to stock up on every supplement under the sun.

That is complete BULLSHIT (to put it bluntly).

That’s why billions of dollars are spent on health and fitness every year yet obesity levels and other health-related issues continue to increase at alarming rates. When it comes to getting fit, most people look for a quick-fix so they can avoid actually changing their habits.

That is complete BULLSHIT (to put it bluntly). Although it does take work and the development of new mindsets and habits, it really can be done without feeling like you’re giving up the “good” things in life.

It’s time to say goodbye to those cheesy infomercials, miracle detoxes, and unproven fad diets that are based on decades-old theories.

With Apex Fitness you will leverage the power of the newest nutritional-science and discover an optimal program that is tailored to your exact genetic code and lifestyle requirements.

The goal is to create a lifestyle that accelerates your progress and is actually enjoyable. Imagine that!  You don’t need to be a slave to the gym and cold containers of bland food. Apex Fitness is about creating a life that makes you EXCITED.

We all know people only look good when they are ‘ON’ a diet. Then, after a few weeks (or months) we see the wheels come off and they go into hiding. This cycle of struggling to get “shredded” only to put weight back on a few months later is extremely unhealthy, both mentally and physically. With an Apex program, that ENDS NOW!

How? By rewiring your internal circuit board we’ll get your body start working FOR you again, not AGAINST you. This is the only way to create a truly sustainable lifestyle that allows you to look amazing while also enjoying life’s little pleasures. I think you’d agree that a life without pizza and wine is not a life worth living, right?

When was the last time you truly felt amazing?

"Reset" Your System 7 Days

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The first step in building an amazing life is to reset your system.

This 7-Day Reset is the key to shifting your body back into a healthy fat-burning, muscle building state. Have you ever wondered why you have to struggle to get the same results as that “genetically-blessed” friend of yours? It’s time you learn how to overcome that unfair advantage. The Apex Reset Challenge is going to help you build the foundation you need to ignite your results.

Let’s see what your body is really capable of!

“Doing this 7 day Reset was exactly what I needed! I lost a few pounds, but more importantly, I felt like I could really take on anything when I was finished!"

Jason, Age 38

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Meet Coach Ryan (Rosie) & Apex Living

I grew up as a small-town farm kid that grew up on a farm outside of Midale, Saskatchewan (a town of 500ish people). It was the kind of place where a handshake could seal a deal and you waved at everyone as you drove past. This was also a place where you needed an extensive imagination as a kid or you were in big trouble.

A lot has changed since those days. I escaped to the “big city” and have had to learn and grow in many ways. The gym was always a way for me to escape. It was where I built confidence and went from a shy farm boy to a trainer and entrepreneur. I am so proud of the fact that I have helped close to 6,000 people change their lives since those small town days.

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Crazy thing is…


98% of diets & workout plans have these FATALLY designed flaws.


Making results after a few months IMPOSSIBLE. STOP following broken diets and outdated “bro science” workouts.


Let’s get you on the RIGHT path


No Matter How Far You’ve Gone Down The Wrong Road, It’s Never To Late To Turn Around.

Unlock the power of timing

The online trainer market is SO saturated and I couldn’t be more proud of Apex Vision Fitness for being the creators of this world changing program. 

To fully optimize your life and your daily patterns, you need to know what your Chronotype is. From there we can build a bulletproof program that is guaranteed to change the way you look at food, exercise and your BODY!