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APEX does.

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Your Apex program is not another cookie cutter calorie obsessed program. Anybody can tell you to eat like a bird and workout like crazy…. if that was all it took, we wouldn’t have so many overweight and unhappy people, most diet programs are unknowingly designed to self destruct and never provide sustainability.

The REAL Diet problem is deeper, and not many are talking about it, focused on the surface details of reps and calories, when it’s really hormonal and metabolic problems holding your life and body back.

Apex wants to fix the diet problem, by fixing the BIG PICTURE, lifestyle issues that the majority of the diet industry, personal trainers and fake “guru’s” completely miss, leading you down dead end roads.

This is the ANTI DIET- DIET and workout program for a reason, because once you’ve finished and learned the systems, you’ll never ‘diet” again.

GONE are the days of 6-week quick fix, broken diet programs that get you losing more water and muscle than fat, setting you further back, often even destroying the very hormonal balance you need to have a chance at success and sustainability

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Apex Vision has relentlessly studied human nature and human psychology and if getting in shape was as easy as ‘cutting calories’, we wouldn’t have a problem.
EVERYONE WANTS TO BE HEALTHY AND IN SHAPE, so why is it only 5-10% of the population who is happy with their current physique?

EVERYONE has demons and vice’s standing in the way of the life (and body) they want.
Without confronting the true problems in our lives and MINDS that keep sabotaging us, it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to find the freedom, fulfillment and balance we’re after.

If the last decade in the fitness & nutrition industry has taught me anything, it’s that losing 20lbs the wrong way, from broken diets & crazy restriction like MOST trainers still preach, DOES NOT WORK and is very different than truly creating a body built to sustain results & long term weight loss WITHOUT SACRIFICING the things you love.

The way APEX is going to show you, is different from the herd, we want to show you a way that will not only get you feeling/looking like you’ve always wanted, but do it in a way you actually can enjoy, and build a more fulfilling life around.

It’s time to FINALLY gain full control of your physique and your weight, MOST DIETS and programs do just the opposite, handicapping your hormones and destroying your metabolism the longer you force broken calorie restriction.

It’s time to build a physique that has your back, one working for you (not against) 24 hours a day!
It’s time to build a COMPLETE lifestyle. That is what we are all about at APEX.

These days it’s become all too common to become a slave to your diet and a lifestyle you can’t imagine doing forever! THIS NEEDS TO END.
Society has created so many messed up and flat out harmful perceptions of what it takes to lose weight and live a “fit” life, and we’re here to set them straight.

Learn the Apex Lifestyle and see how small and eat lifestyle changes make monumental changes to your wellbeing and body, on every level.
We don’t just get you losing fat, we start improving your mental, emotional & physical health by living more in alignment to your DNA and natural chronotype!

After an Apex program, your life won’t ever be the same again.

Coach Ryan ‘rosie’ Rosengren

What happens for most people on a “diet”?

The obsessive “clean eating” or macro/calorie obsession in the past decade has left people in a very bad place mentally. You often back yourself into a corner you cannot escape and it becomes a very lonely and desperate place.
MORE restriction and MORE cardio, might seem to be the only answer… I’m here to tell you, IT IS NOT the answer!
Let me say it again. “Dieting DOES NOT work when calorie reduction is the focus”

  • Your body begins fighting back at you, often around month 3. The undernourished diet and perceived “starvation” your body is getting from the lack of food and micronutrients on typical diets is beginning to seriously take its toll….your metabolism & hormones starts crashing, your body literally starts sabotaging you to STOP what you’re doing,, storing fat whenever it possibly can.

    90% of P.T’s and coaches fail to recognize what matters most for having sustainable results and a real life…. Healthy optimized hormones.
  • You start feeling lethargic, moody, and having intense cravings for things your diet does not allow. Listen up, you are not fat because you eat…you are eating because you are fat! This isn’t meant to be an insult in any way. It comes down to the way the human body works and when things aren’t working properly, your body will find ways to feed itself and essentially self-sabotage you, UNLESS we change the root problem.
  • The very hormones that you rely on to burn fat and build muscle take a downward spiral on diets not correctly designed for you. Your body wants to be efficient and keep you alive, if it doesn’t agree with the undernourished “lifestyle” you’ve chosen, it will find a way to sabotage it.
  • Eating the same restricted foods; eating in the same calorie deficit, day in day out, begins destroying and down-regulating your fat burning ability aka- metabolism.
  • You are living out of alignment with your CHRONOTYPE and natural circadian rhythm - making everything feel like more work than it needs to be.
  • Your body starts anticipating the scarcity your broken diet has created. So? It ADAPTS to become more efficient to protect itself from starvation, essentially becoming a FAT STORING MACHINE, metabolic rate reduces and comes to a crawl to preserve itself. Without you even realizing it, your efforts to lose weight are sabotaged in ways you don’t even see…Soon, you start waking up with unnatural cravings like cravings for a pint of ice cream at midnight.


APEX Meal plans

The Apex Nutrition Plans are FOCUSED & Designed To Kick Start Your Metabolism & Get You Burning Fat Naturally - All Day Long. The days of ‘Die’ting like its 1988, starving yourself, are GONE – The beauty about using science in nutrition, is it never lies.

Mindset & FAT LOSS 24/7

Gain CONTROL over your mindset so you can really begin controlling and loving your body.

APEX Training plan

The Apex fitness routines are deeply routed in science and practicality, you don’t need to be training 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, especially when you start implementing the RIGHT training style for your body & goals.


Learn how your typical patterns might be making life harder than it needs to be, throwing you out of alignment.
Begin living in better circadian rhythm, living as your CHRONOTYPE intended, further mastering your hormones and buildind a lifestyle designed for SUCCESS!

What Our Apex Clients say

I’ve tried it ALL, Ryan truly does something radically different,yet, so SIMPLE to follow! Everything is explained and it just made so much sense to me, his meal plan made me think differently, but most importantly, it let me enjoy a REALISTIC life, not counting every calorie missing out, like most diets I’d seen or tried. It really is SOO easy to sustain the results I’ve got!

- Patricia
Kamloops, BC

I was so pleasantly surprised by Ryan's knowledge of the female body. He really does know how to get hormones in check and fix a damaged metabolism. After going from coach to coach I thought I was doomed, but I found Apex Vision Fitness and the life I have now is HAPPY, HEALTHY and very well BALANCED.

- Jessica
Pittsburgh, PA

Of course getting you in the best shape of your life is the goal, but APEX wants to do it in a way where you come away from this with the tools and the knowledge to take full control of your body and your life.

-Coach Ryan

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98% of diets & workout plans have these FATALLY designed flaws.


Making results after a few months IMPOSSIBLE. STOP following broken diets and outdated “bro science” workouts.


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