2015’s Top Nine Ways to Gain Mass


There are only eleven months, more or less, until this year ends. That’s about 320 days more to materialize your New Year’s resolutions. Getting that perfect bod that you’re dreaming of requires a lot of muscles and discipline. By increasing the lean muscles in your body and reducing the percent of fat mass, you can get that dream figure in no time. Here’s the nine ways that we’ve gathered for you to spice up your year’s resolution and that’s guaranteed to buff you up.

1. Pack Up with Protein

Protein is part of our nutrition essentials, and the more we exercise to buff up, the more protein we need. Workouts and strength training can double up our required protein intake. Strength athletes need 0.7 to 0.8 grams while endurance athletes need 0.5 to 0.7 grams per pound of weight, according to University of Western Ontario professor Peter Lemon. Going over a gram can only lead to excess calories.

The best natural sources of lean protein include eggs, meat, and beans. Seafood and white meat-poultry are also great sources of protein.

2. Supplement

Since needed protein increases the more active you become, getting the right amount from natural sources can become a challenge. This is where protein supplement can come into the picture. Supplements may be in drink, powder, or bar forms. These forms are for people who are always on the go since these require lesser time to prepare and can be very convenient.

Bodybuilders need a lot of protein but there has been no standard amount as to how much should be taken as supplement. However, it should be highlighted that supplements should only be secondary to the natural sources.

3. Intensify Your Warm-Up Routine

This is the part where we say “give it your all”. If you’re aiming for the greatest results, then sweat it all out by intensifying your warm up routine. Recruit more muscles during warm up by increasing the weight of your load or by jump training. Jump training, or more commonly known as plyometrics, includes squat jumps, power skips, push-ups, and other more. By itself, it is already a workout; but by allotting a few minutes of jump training before you begin with the real deal can increase muscle development more rapidly and effectively. This is the same with the maximum weight lifting as warm up. When you lift your maximum at the end of warm up, just before you begin with the routine, the succeeding weights become easier because muscle fibers are already heated up and stimulated.

4. Increase Calories

Gaining is equals to increasing calorie intake. Plus, with all the necessary workouts, lesser calorie counts might mean losing than gaining. If you want additional muscle growth, you might as well eat more than you previously do. Aside from protein, our body needs other essential nutrients. Carbs provide the energy you will need for a heavy workout. You will need carbs to fuel up, and they’re actually very easy to get. The most common sources are potato, rice, and fruits like berries and bananas. One banana has about thirty-one grams of carbohydrates making it a perfect pair for any protein source.

While mass gain includes decreasing fat levels, it is not advised to take out fats from the equation altogether. Fats are important for testosterone production. Testosterone’s a bodybuilder’s best friend as it aids the body’s recovery after workout and it facilitate the building of the muscles.

5. Hydrate Yourself

Supplement your diet by keeping yourself hydrated. Dehydration is associated with stress. When our bodies are in stress, cortisol is released. Cortisol breaks down our muscles making it the enemy opposite to testosterone. Water also helps in regulating all the nutrients and vitamins we consume. Excessive fluid loss can become very dangerous during exercise which emphasizes the importance of drinking. Aside from water, juices and energy drinks could also help with hydration. Energy drinks contain electrolytes – minerals found in the blood that help in different muscle functions. Coconut water is great natural source of electrolytes.

6. Turn Up the Volume

In Psychology, music has become significantly associated with working out. During exercise, our body feels fatigue and, to a considerable amount, pain. Presence of music helps in alleviating these feelings by distracting you through the beats and the emotions aroused by the lyrics and melodies. Studies have shown that music also helps in increasing metabolism and endurance. It also aids in decreasing perceived efforts which makes you strive harder and endure longer. Music is most effective if your playlist consists of songs that bring out your memories and emotions.

7. Enjoy

Nothing beats a motivated bodybuilder, especially when you he’s having fun. Learn to love and enjoy the process of gaining mass. Trick the body by telling the mind to have fun despite the weights you have to lift or the crunches and squats you need to finish. Maintaining a positive mindset lessens the stress induced on the body during workout.

8. Stay Fit

Stay healthy all throughout your program. Depriving yourself of rest or enough food, just to spend more time lifting, only sabotages your overall health, thus your objective to gain those muscles goes down the drain. Staying fit is important to keep gaining mass.

9. Reboot

Sleep the right number of hours. After a long day of work, your body needs to reboot and regain its optimum energy back. We all know that eight hours is the most ideal, so use those hours to repair the damaged muscles during a superior workout. Tired muscles never make a great workout. A clear mind is another gain we can get from sleeping right. Exercising requires not only a healthy body, but also a fit mind.

Gaining mass necessitates a lot of factors and the right stuff: the right exercises, the right food, the right warm up routine, to name a few. Aside from all the other factors already mentioned, the right programs also require continuous learning and flow of information making it imperative to be updated with the latest and hippest information.

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