Top 5 Ways to Get Amazing Triceps Without Equipment

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The triceps (or triceps brachii), are the muscles located at the back part of your arms. It comprises the three head muscles: the lateral, medial, and long. Aside from the core, strong, well-toned, and amazing arms are one of the most sought after features of a legit bodybuilder. Full muscled-arms present an impression of strength and mass.

Amazing triceps need not to be expensive. They should be acquired at home, conveniently, even without the help of gym equipment and weights. In this article, we introduce to you a few exercises that could get you the triceps you’ve been dreaming of with only the help of furniture, the floor, and your body weight.

Now, it’s time to hit those upper arm muscles. We present to you the five no-equipment exercises to getting the triceps you could definitely flex in front a couple of jealous friends.

  1. Regular Push-Ups

Pushups are one of the most popular no-equipment exercises. If executed properly, the pushups will target several muscle groups including: the abdominal muscles, coracobrachialis, pectoralis, deltoids, serratus anterior, and, of course, the triceps brachii.

To do this exercise, start with the plank position: that means, parallel yourself with the floor while engaging your abdominal muscles. Your arms should be straight and strong, and should be in line with your shoulders. Keep them close to the body, as well. Point the fingers to the front. Your feet should be apart hip-width. Remember to always engage your core as you bend your elbows and lower yourself down. To challenge yourself, hold the position for a few seconds before you raise yourself once again. To make this exercise easier, do it on your knees. Do as many reps as you can. Once the lower back begins to hurt or once the body starts to lose poise, take a break or top.

  1. Close Grip Pushups

A more triceps-specific kind of pushup would be the close grip pushup. More force is targeted on the triceps brachii and less on the rest of the upper body. The triceps exerts the most effort during the execution of this pushup variation. Compared to the wide-armed pushup, close grip pushups activate more muscles. In execution, the only difference with the regular pushup is that the distance between both hands is closer so that they are located at the center. As this is a harder version of the regular one, you can do it on your knees instead of on your toes.

To perform this exercise, begin with the regular pushup position but instead, place your hands at the center underneath you. Your hands should be a few inches apart from each other. Again, it is very important to pull in the abs to straighten the body during the exercise. Focus on your elbows as the triceps are responsible for its extension. Notice the angle of your elbow when you lower yourself down as you do not need to go over the 90-degrees angle. Make sure not to overextend, when you straighten your arms upon rising up, as it might overstretched your joints.

  1. Dips

Triceps dips require the aid of furniture, a chair, a bed or a bench. Before you start this exercise make sure your prop is stable and will be able to hold you until you’re finished with your reps.

The target muscles for the dip exercise are the pectoralis and the triceps brachii. But since the dips work on the extension of the elbows, the primary engagement is on the triceps.

Distance your hands at shoulder width, and position them on the center of your chair. Extend your legs. Slowly slide yourself off the chair. Now, your position should look like a semi-reverse plank, only with engaged arm muscles instead of the core. Slightly mini bend your elbows to emphasize focus on the triceps. Stabilize your arm muscles as you bend them until your elbows are angled at 90 degrees. Do not touch your butt on the floor. Hold the position for one or two seconds, and then push yourself back up to the starting position. Once again, your body should be paralleled to the ground.

  1. Planks

The plank is a static exercise. This means that each rep constitutes holding the position instead of returning to the initial stance. There are two most common variations of plank, the standard plank and the elbow plank. The elbow plank, compared to the standard plank, recruits more core muscles, so it gives the more burns. But, we will introduce to you another variation of plank that mainly targets triceps growth. This plank variation is called the uneven plank.

To execute this exercise, start with the elbow plank, meaning your elbows should be in a 90-degree angle. Engage your abdomen to keep your body straight. It shouldn’t be too high or too low. Your fingers should be facing front and your toes should be tucked. Lift one arm off the floor like it is assuming the pushup position. The difference between the uneven the elbow and the other arm activates the triceps muscles.

Hold this position for as long the body could endure but since planks activate not only the triceps, other muscle groups like the core will also be activated and will also have to sustain during the plank.

  1. Arm Rotation

Arm rotation is good dynamic exercise that focuses on your arm muscles and shoulders. As the name suggests, your arms should be extended sideward and rotate clockwise and vice versa.

Start with a standing position with your feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms and straighten them sideways. Rotate them in small circles, at first, clockwise. The faster you rotate the more ideal. Do it counterclockwise afterwards. Perform three sets of arm rotation, with as many rotations as you can execute for each set. Just like other exercises, incorporate the abdominal muscles by engaging and tightening it. Since this exercise involves only the arms, it could be done while sitting down.

These no-equipment exercises are guaranteed to provide you the perfect-chiseled triceps every man dreams of. Effective body building should include the proper toning of arms, and though we have compiled a list of already supported exercises, it is emphasized that these exercises work differently for each individual. Also, amazing triceps are not exclusively attained through exercises; it is important to keep the body healthy and hydrated. Food intake could also affect muscle gaining. Staying fit might just be the best way to get those amazing triceps.

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