How to Lose Weight Effectively

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Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight but keeping track of your daily diet and activities are your main stepping stones up to your desired weight. Starving yourself to death is not considered as an effective way of immediately losing weight neither doing hardcore strengthening exercises overtime. A fast and effective weight loss does not only give you your sexy figure but it also keeps you away from several diseases concerning obesity.

We firmly believe that once you get rid of the old dirty habits of yours that keep you away from reaching you weight goal, you would definitely know better on how to handle your body.

Listed below are some of the common misconceptions about an effective weight loss program:

1. Skipping a meal is the fastest way to lose weight.

Wrong, because jumping from your meal plans in a day is the fastest way to destroy your body’s capability of breaking down each food and thus, inhibits production of body fuel. Think of it this way: When you make night time your day time, your body clock is messed up leaving complications among body processes. That’s the same thing with skipping meals. Try to skip breakfast or lunch and your digestive system will lose its metabolizing power giving you a problem with digestion and you will end up gaining more weight when you indulge on your next meal of the day.

2. Excessive exercise is a good way to burn your fats away.

True that there are a variety of training and exercises one can undergo to lose weight. But doing it excessively doesn’t really help. It is still recommended to ask a professional gym instructor for the best exercises that will fit your body type. By knowing that, take note of the specified repetitions of each exercise. And don’t forget to take a good rest after your tiring day at the gym. The body needs 12 to 24 hours of recuperation time as well to not damage your muscles.

3. Never lose count of your daily calorie intake.

And the worse is that, there are even apps that tolerate this crazy calorie notation. It is good to not go over your calorie intake in a day but if you are still eating the “diet pizza” or the “organic ice cream” it still wouldn’t help. You see, these are only junk food with positive adjectives or alluring words before them. Let us not sugar coat everything. Green veggies and fresh fruits are the best nutritious food that you need to be friends with.

4. Remove the in-between snacks over your daily diet plan.

Of course, we are not talking about the “snacks” found in the junk food area of your favourite grocery store. A simple banana or a dark chocolate bar on your desk at work would be fine. Snacks help boost your metabolism if you haven’t heard of it yet.

5. Drink as much water right after your meal.

It should be the other way around. A glass or two of water before every meal helps to kick start your metabolism thus speeding up burning of fats and the meal that you are to eat.

Tips on Losing Weight Fast and Effectively

Now that you realized the truth behind the wrong doings in a weight loss program you can now start on your own road to your weight goals.

1. First of be informed that the right time to start losing weight is NOW.

If you don’t start watching your eating habits and you keep on saying that you will hit the gym on “Monday” there will never be a fat shed and there will never be a fit figure of yours to aim for. Keep an eye of your food consumption and eat the right kinds of food. You don’t really need to get an expensive gym membership just to be motivated to exercise. Wear your gym outfit and clear your sofa set and perform easy exercises that will make you sweat.

2. Prepare your own food.

And avoid cooking salty foods. This is the easiest way to get away from the figure-killer named as sodium. Buy your own weekly grocery and fill your cart with greens and fresh fruits. Veggies are easy to cook anyway: you can blanch them, boil, bake, and even eat them raw such as your fresh bowl of salad.

3. Run regularly.

Previously, we already gave you a hint that home exercises will work out fine. So that you will be motivated, try adding fun to your exercises. It doesn’t have to hurt you so you can lose your weight. Find a running buddy and go out for a change. Run around the streets and sidewalks or even at the park. Running is free anyway. It’s a good form of cardiopulmonary endurance exercise as well.

4. Spice up your food.

This is a guide to remove the salt in your diet for excessive sodium intake is literally bad for your body cells. Imagine this: After exercise you decided to drive to McDonald’s for their regular fries. Fries will never be complete without salt. Salt is salty so you end up drinking more water. Sodium with the influx of water tends to have a negative impact to our cells- it makes them bloat thus make you fat. Make use of black pepper, ginger, or cinnamon instead. It adds spice to your meal and increases your rate of metabolism too.

5. Be responsible.

Follow your own set of rules when it comes to exercise or training and food intake. Come on, a real effective weight loss doesn’t work if you aren’t serious enough to start and finish the program.

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