The 100 Laws of Muscle-Part 1

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1.With all the training programs offered, coaches often debate on what is the perfect one. What to do? Experiment and try to assert what you like for yourself.

2.An effective training program really depends on the amount of effort you exert to it. Failure of the program is because you do not put your heart into it. Be extra-obedient to achieve the results.

3. There is really much to learn by reading and learning the theory of the training program. But do not use it as an excuse to delay your gym time. Experience is the best teacher, so doing the actual routine in the gym will really give you the desired results you want to achieve.

4. Of course, every good workout program can really make you feel tired. But hey, it can make you better.

5. No matter how superficial your workout program may be, think of what your ultimate goal is, that is to look and feel great.

6. Running is the first choice of every person who needs to lose weight. But a better alternative is to lift weights.

7. Callouses are the result of lifting weights, proof of your workout efforts. Sometimes it pays not to wear gloves.

8. Muscles take some time to build up, strength is another. Do not fall for publicity stunts that offer swift bodily changes through drastic trainings. As much as possible, look for trainings that offer many functional exercises, such as wobble boards and balance balls.

9. Body-building is both for men and women. Its ultimate goal is to make one look better. Building those muscles require a lot of training, and strong muscles are for strong people in body and mind.

10. Training programs give lifelong rewards for one’s health. Though many don’t see bodybuilding as a fun activity, the benefits of the training will surely make life fun and exciting.


11. Make your workout training balanced by complementing harsh moves with slow outdoor walks.

12.Any conditioning workout can make you feel good and make you do well in almost anything.

13. As soon as you become used to what you do in workouts, you burn less fat. So if you are trying to lose body fat, efficiency is NOT the key.

14. Being bulky with muscle mass is better than losing it, lowering metabolism, becoming weak and adding body fat.

15. It is much easy to remove excess body fat if you have more muscle mass. Losing fat without muscles takes a lot more effort.

16. Have you seen women looking great in their yoga pants? They do more lifting than yoga

17. Avoid eating too much during meals. If you want abs, you’ll need to hypertrophy them with weighted exercises

18.You can be stronger and you can make your muscles bigger by doing rep ranges, proof to show that strength and hypertrophy can work together.

19. Bodybuilding produces bodily hormones that get rid of fat by burning it. It just goes to show that more muscles mean less fat.

20. Workouts are a combination of movements, both rough and smooth. Suffice to say, your movements may vary from the easiest to the most powerful, and if you are lucky to continue the workout, you will experience them all.




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