The 100 Laws of Muscle-Part 2

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21. Some people refer to these bodybuilding techniques as in “bad form” – super sets, iso-holds, partials, and mechanical drop sets. But these methods are good for your muscles to build under tension. These are actually good techniques, and people who call them otherwise are just, well, miniscule.

22. Make sure that your training helps you build or retain muscles, and not lose them. Losing muscles make you look smaller, and your body metabolism will slow down, too.

23. Want to improve your body’s appearance the easiest way? Then build the muscles of your buttocks. Strong butt improves your workout techniques such as deadlift, lunge, squat, sprint and kettle bell swing.

24. The secret of noticeably lean bodies is good body workout using different methods to build muscles. But even they teach different techniques and procedures, these techniques point to one thing: hard work. Exerting effort to these bodybuilding methods gives excellent results.

25. If you see your workout equipment at home being unused, untouched, and untried, maybe it’s time to enroll in a gym workout class.

26. Overcome your fear of going to the gym, especially if you are just starting to work out. Remove self-consciousness and do what it takes to get over what hinders you to your goals. Think positive and feel great.

27. Get serious about your workout. Think of it as you would your work. Do not be lazy, weak, inefficient or distracted. Focus on your objective.

28. Try doing workout exercises that are far harder than the usual things you are doing. Your workout techniques have become your favorite only because they are easy.

29. Don’t be afraid you’ll be injured that you tend not to give your all during workouts. Of course you have to take care not to be hurt, that’s common sense.

30. Work hard and fight back, be on top before someone else does.


31. Ask yourself, do I really want to pursue this bodybuilding training? Can I endure the hardship and can I sustain my desire to improve my body’s appearance? Your dedication will determine the efficacy of your workout trainings.

32. Continue with your workout even if you have injuries such as sprained wrist or busted knee, just to make sure you do not cut your routine. Just be careful not to use the injured part of your body yet.

33. Your emotional well-being matters so always think happy thoughts and are consistent. Think like a machine and work like one.

34. Practice what you work out. Being strong means training hard in the gym, then carrying your heavy luggage and using the staircases.

35.As you start your workout training, remember the basic rules, and follow them. In the future you may find it useful that you have gone through the basics.

36. A lot of people train hard on weightlifting, and they are just like you who go through workouts. These bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen and Olympic lifters have different styles and techniques in their workouts.


37. Heredity and genetics play a major role in body fats. But eating habits are part of it, too.

38.If you see that your eating habits do not get you fat, don’t try to change your bodily rhythm by following diet trends that may complicate things further.

39. If your diet program is not working, then try another one.

40.Check on diet programs that work for you. Do not try to impose your diet plan that is no longer working its magic on your body.



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