The 100 Laws of Muscle-Part 3

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41.Do not go fast on your fat loss efforts. Try long term plans that works well; otherwise you will not be able to sustain it.

42.If you are not happy with your diet program, chances are you will not be able make good with it. If you started correctly, then you are on the right track.

43.When you work out, make sure that you are building muscles and not just going through the flow. Remember the word carb-phobia: eat carbs and stop building muscle.

44.The more you consume carbs, the smaller you will look. It will also lower your resistance in workouts as it weakens you. This will hinder your way to a great body.

45.Give effort on putting your diet in place. Start fixing the major issues on your diet, the key factors why your diet doesn’t work. Remove them from your system.

46. Obviously, you don’t want to have a “beer belly”. It’s obvious what you should avoid.

47.Diet programs should make you leaner and healthier. If it is the other way around, then you did it incorrectly.

48.Our bodies have different responses to diet. If you have a friend who eats as much as he wants and still manage to look lean, don’t eat like him.

49.If you are born in a family of obese people, you can always change your body by the choices you make. Transform and choose differently.

50. Keep a record of your food intake for the purpose of identifying which diet plan works best for you. If you are careful to track calories and staying on your target as devised by your plan, it just goes without saying that you are being controlled by your diet.


51. Knowing how to cook gives you a sense of control over your diet. Learn the basics of cooking and do more by preparing dishes which are good for you.

52.Try recipes that are easy to prepare, filling and nutritious. Cook them often and reap their benefits.

53.The healthy people with good body figures are the ones who keep track of the quality and quantity of their food intake.

54.Eating with boundaries or limits is the secret for a great body. Each one has a different response to food.

55.Keeping a record of your calorie count is not bad, but if it controls you to the point of being neurotic, then stop. Keep calm and just be conscientious of what you eat.

56.Check where your macros and calories are coming from. Do not replace workout benefits with the ones you get from food intake. Remember that working out is still best.

57.Don’t be too much attached to your diet plan because once it flops, you have nothing to blame but yourself. Be open to other options and always remember what works for you best.

58.Change yourself gradually, one small step at a time, increasing your pace until you get what you want. Don’t try to change all at once.

59. Junk food are, well, junk. If you really want to stay fit, then eat nutritious food. Craving for junk food should be completely controlled or stopped. Removing it completely from your system is not that easy, but you can do it.

60.Contrary to what other experts say on diet, don’t indulge in a low carb or low fat diet. Just change your eating habits, eating less of what is not good for you, and more of the nutritious and filling ones.


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