The 100 Laws of Muscle-Part 4

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61.Controlling or removing junk food from your diet is actually helping you on your way to great body. Don’t ever think that deprivation of junk food will lead to malnourishment, besides, what do you think made you malnourished?

62.Organic junk food is junk.

63.As each person reacts differently to food intake, then don’t rely on other people’s experiences on diet. Try researching on what works for you, on what is beneficial for your body. Experience is the best teacher. Try diets and compare the results.

64.If you had a diet that made you lose fat but made you weak, sick and made you eat more, then you failed.

65. A weighing scale does not analyze your body content. It shows you made no progress, but actually you lost 10 pounds fat and gained 10 pounds muscles. Look at yourself in the mirror!

66.In order to reap the best benefits of workout trainings, prepare your muscles by fueling, protecting and reloading.

67.As beginners to a workout training, we are followers to the dot. But let us give ourselves a year to make good our commitment. Are we successful enough?

68.Do not let your diet be your life. Do not live to diet. Dieting is not designed to make you, it is made to help you.


69. Facing life’s problems with excuses is what weak people do. Face problems staunchly.

70. Accept who you are. Then improve yourself. You cannot improve yourself if you complain, whine and feel sorry for yourself. Be responsible for yourself. Move and do something.


71.If you want to be successful, find opportunities and work on them. Do not always deal on thinking of what you deserve, that is for unsuccessful bitter people only.

72. Every obstacle you overcome makes you stronger, and makes the next leg of the journey easier.

73. There will be instances when your mind will be filled with “what ifs”. Don’t wait until you are 80 to wish you had done more when you were just 25.

74. If people criticizing you are plain envious, you are going on the right direction.

75. Be passionate about what you dream to become. Don’t just stay there and be “average”. Go the extra mile and be better.

76.A dedicated person does not need to be motivated to go on. His passion to go about his work will let him go through whatever challenge he may face.

77. Lead by example. If you want people to try your workouts, be an example. Show them how you do it and inspire them. Help them achieve their ideal body physique.

78. You can do if you have will power. Use it correctly.

79. Don’t worry about what other people think about you. If your workout is hindered because people say you are fat and obese. Discard those negative thoughts and go on with your plan. Their opinions don’t matter at all.

80. Get your body moving always. Get those violent techniques in the gym. But mellow down and be kind anywhere else.


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