The 100 Laws of Muscle-Part 5

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81. The transformation of your body depends on your drive for energy, health, strength, self-discipline and stamina. Look good and feel better.

82. Don’t soar too high. Remember that there are more people stronger and better than you, and they do things differently from what you or others usually do.

83. When confronted with problems, try doing your workout training before making any decision. The time off may give you a better perspective and may help you decide for the best.

84. When at the gym, conversations with workout goers are okay, but don’t dwell too much on other things. Talk about your exercises, careful not to dwell too much on personal problems. You are there to make yourself better body and spirit.

85.As you continue to be better with your workouts, people will see you as an “extreme” person. But bear in mind that your health and strength improvement is achieved through consistent workouts. The progress you have made with your body is the reason for your healthy physique.

86. It is alright to be socialized once in a while, but do not let that disrupt what you have built for so long.

87. Don’t say you do not have time for workout because you are too busy with work and family. There are many successful muscle trainers who have the same circumstances as you.

88. Do not think that body-building is seasonal, an “on and off” activity. It is good to be in tiptop shape all year round. Be active always, day by day, and reap the good benefits of your workout.

89. Document your body changes or maintenance. Capture your good-looking body on camera. Test your strength and push yourself to the limit.

90. Try, evaluate, and adjust what you do in your workout. Ask for advice from your gym buddies who know better than you do. Think and test what you feel is good for you. Adjust when needed.


91.Although it is hard to build the body you want, at the longer time, it is definitely worth the wait when you see the fruits of your labor.

92.It is not unusual for people to ridicule or slow down your good intentions. Many are like that – they delay you, distract you, even stop you from reaching your goal. Take heart. Don’t succumb to their advances. Sooner or later, they will ask you how you did it.

93. Inactivity and dormancy often leads people to think they are useless and unworthy. Be on guard.

94.Atlhough it is alright to set high standards and punish yourself by being critical of your own self, don’t live in a world of despair. Pride yourself with your achievements now while it is still early.

95.Once in a while, check your training or diet plan. Ask what your current program is doing for you, is it for the better or for the worse? Be honest and accept your own answer.

96. When you feel that life is pushing you too hard, it may be true. Pushing often leads you quickly to a much better place.

97.If you think you have the best body now, go ahead and have your photo taken by a professional photographer. Be proud of your looks and physique. You deserve it as you have been working hard to achieve it. Celebrate your achievements.

98.Don’t flaunt on how hard you have been working out with your body. Achieve a good physique and show off what you’ve got.

99. Never mind those people who criticize your body but do not know a thing about body-building. They cannot give good advice if they themselves do not know anything about it.

100.Marry someone with the same interests as you -bodybuilding and healthy eating. I bet life will be easier for the both of you.

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