4 Ways to Slow Down for a Better Life

It’s crazy! We live in a modern world wherein technology is invented for us to save time. We, then used that extra time to create and do more things. On other words, our lives are more hectic and fast-paced than ever; a pace that makes us feel that life is passing us by before we can enjoy it.

Yes, It’s tempting to do all things at once, to multi-task as it seems to be more productive. But in reality, it leads to more mistakes and errors.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. What should we do? Slow down and enjoy every seconds, details and events of our life. A slower paced life means taking your time and enjoying the little things. Here are couple of ways how to slow down that lead to a better life.


1. Affirmations

Positive self-talk can benefit not only yourself but also other people around you. Affirmation is shifting your negative ideas or thoughts into positive one. Positive thinking brings life to person’s strengths, skills, talents, and capabilities. Frequent reminder that you can do it, having a positive aura and a smiling face can help a lot in achieving positive results. The principle behind affirmation comes from an idea that the mind is so powerful that it can affect the body.

2. Gratitude

Having a sense of gratitude will assist you to focus on the positive things in your life. Besides keeping a gratitude journal, there are other ways to enhance a sense of gratitude such as practicing mindful meditation, counting your blessing, praying, and writing thank you notes. You can start with 3-5 things that you are thankful each day.


3. Go Outside

When was the last time you went outside? No, not for work or getting a quick food to eat. The last time you went outside for pure fun or enjoyment? If you can’t remember, don’t worry as you’re not alone. Majority of people do not have the “time” or any interest going outside. But did you know that many studies have shown that spending time outside is beneficial for your health? Bottom line, go out- it could be in parks, lakes, oceans, mountains, or any other nature you could imagine.

4. Eat The Right Food

I know you’re familiar with the term ‘you are what you eat’, right? Well, that saying is even truer today than it was before. It is because the foods we consume today are filled with chemicals and other harmful ingredients that can cause cancer, obesity, diabetes, and many more. So what can you do to protect yourself? Eat real food, or at least one local home cooked food at home each week. Visit farmer’s market and pick up fresh locally grown ingredients. Avoid processed foods and canned goods. Bottom line, the benefits of consuming the right food are endless.

So let’s increase our down time and lessen our workload. Take a deep breath, exercise, and meditate.

Slowing down can help you:

  • Increase energy
  • lose weight
  • be happy
  • become healthier

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