Most people die at 30 but aren’t buried until 75…

We want it all and we want it now. That seems like our society and how we are wired nowadays.

Problem with that is that good things take time. And becoming great, well, that takes A LOT of time. It will require you to crawl out of your snug little cocoon and accept the struggles that go along with it.

Stay with me here. If you finish reading this and you think I’m out to lunch, I’ll buy you a Starbucks for wasting your time.

Meaningful things demand sacrifice - sacrifice most aren’t willing to make in our cushy Netflix & “Swipe Right” society.

We’re losing the patience, attention span & focus it takes to reach the greatest version of ourselves, even though we have access to knowledge and tools our parents couldn’t have dreamed of just 20 years ago.

You have more computing power & resources in the palm of your hand, than the most powerful person in the world (the President) did just 30 years ago.

We live in a time where we can basically control our destiny - financially, physically but we squander it.

The human race is 10X sadder, more anxious and depressed than anytime in the past 100 years… all while we have learned more about how the brain works and have come further, technologically, in the last 10 years than we had the previous 100 combined.

Even if we didn’t come from privilege or trust-fund families, we still expect things to come with relative ease. We even look for hack shortcuts and cheats to acquire more or make things easier.

But remember the first line of this blog…. good things WILL take time and struggle.

And, they must, if we are to appreciate them. Without pain you cannot know pleasure and like the old saying goes, if it was easy….everyone would do it.

I’d go as far as to say that only 5% of people (North Americans especially) are living their best life. That’s the percentage of people who, I believe, have health, wealth, spirituality and the understanding that you don’t ‘get’ happiness by reaching the top but you reach the top by achieving happiness first and being in that state more often than you’re not in it.

Happiness isn’t simply the absence of sadness. Happiness is enjoying the complete journey, not looking for the destination. You won’t ever reach the end of that rainbow (unless it’s in a coffin).

To be part of that 5%, you better be able to do shit the other 95% of people won’t.

So, you want to find a hack for fat loss…for that magic bod? Sorry to tell you, but there’s nothing magic or easy about it. However you DO have easy access to the information you need that people like me have spent years figuring out. 1000’s of hours dissecting the truth from the B.S. Crawling through the trenches because I WANTED TO know and so your learning curve and opportunity to look and feel amazing can happen 100X faster.

BUT STILL, even with all of that information at their fingertips, MOST SIMPLY WON”T do it.

They can have the perfect solution right in front of them (and, no it won’t be easy. Breaking bad habits and unlearning the bullshit filling your head never is) but aren’t willing to take that most important step of COMMITING 100%.

We don’t have to hunt or grow our own food. In fact, we don’t even have to drive our lazy asses to the store to pick it up. We can now push buttons on our iphone and poof, we can have it delivered to us. So, while it’s easy to get the healthy stuff our body needs… Mcdonalds just tastes too good, doesn’t it? And we’ve gotten so used to giving into temptation that our discipline “muscle” is even weaker than our pancake ass.

Nothing you could ever want to learn is out of your reach. NOTHING! We don’t even have to read a book, we can have someone else read it to us while we listen!

Open your eyes and see the great gifts right in front you that you’re squandering by filling your empty spaces with Netflix and Xbox instead of these things that will change you on a cellular level and tap into that insane potential within you.

So yea. 95% of us are drifting through life, numbed down and dumbed down.

Tony Robbins once told me at a conference that if one word can sum up happiness best, it would be PROGRESS. I thought he was full of shit at the time. I thought that meaning, fulfillment, love...would have all been better one word answers.

But Tony, being a hell of a lot smarter than me, knows how the human brain works and, without progress, we simply lose meaning and can never reach a state of feeling fulfilled. So, Tony was right, we need progress in life to be happy which means getting uncomfortable, putting in the focus and discipline to do the HARD things. Because that is where REAL progress and greatness comes from.

Deep work gives us meaning unlike any T.V show or amount of “likes” on Instagram can do.

Believe me or don’t but it’s the pain, the sacrifice, and the struggle itself that brings us to the happiest, most fulfilled version of ourselves. In Donald Miller’s book, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” he talks about how our life is a “story” and we’re all living really boring stories. If your life were a movie, would you spend good money to go and watch it?

We’re blessed by the generations before us who fought for our freedom, who built us this cushy safe life… and it wasn’t so we could live in anxiety and sadness because we forget the real things that fill us up and make us feel complete.

You can CHOOSE the pain of a good workout, the sacrifice of getting out of a warm bed at 6 a.m., to build a stronger, healthier body + mind that can help you thrive in ALL areas of the life you imagine for yourself.

You can CHOOSE to get uncomfortable and walk away from those easy dopamine hits that you get from Netflix and Instagram so you can build a business that eventually changes the lives of your kids and grandkids and be a branch in the family tree that is remembered for that.

Maybe you don’t care about leaving any kind of legacy or becoming financially free but you should care about USING that masterpiece of a brain and body that the big man created for you.

Too many people die at 30 but aren’t buried until they’re 75…

Creating a good story for your life can start with a choice to deal with the pain and stick with it; to keep progressing as a person. That, my friend, is how you honor the freedom you were given by so many who came before you. Having choices is life’s greatest freedom.

So, don’t be another sheep or shortcut seeker. Don’t live the same day, 10,000 times over, and wonder why you feel empty.

When you discover that the real reward is in the journey itself and it means nothing to arrive safely at death, I hope you take a stand and start doing those things that feel hard but you know can change your life.

Spend your life growing. Mentally + physically + spiritually.

I guarantee you won’t look back wishing you had finished more Netflix series.

You will look back and smile. Because you faced life head on and you are a more complete person for it.

While others might spend their lives in avoidance of hard things and being uncomfortable, bring more of it into your life.

The better we get, the bigger the obstacles we can bring into our life and the greater the triumph you’ll feel knowing you are part of the 5% who didn’t sit back and leave so much potential on the table,

That’s how we progress and learn to love the process ends up being….a great life.

Take care, Ryan Rosengren

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