Sorry Keto fans…

I’ll be honest, Keto is F’ing hard to legitimately do and odds are if it’s not hard, you probably aren’t doing it right, and yup, and it’s likely you’re not in “Ketosis”.

The keto diet gets billed as a this miraculously enjoyable diet—eat all the fat you want, just cut out the carbs.

The fact is, ketogenic diet was never designed to be an easy or fun way to diet, It was specifically created to treat severe epilepsy, as a medical treatment, and was intended to be administered under strict supervision from a professional monitoring patients for potential problems— Ketosis a metabolic state where your body switches from using glucose as energy to using ketone bodies, which come from body fat.

For this to work, you simply cannot be eating anything that spikes glucose or insulin, its very common for people to try high protein & high fat diets and assume they’re doing “keto” because of no carbs, sorry to break your heart, but you can’t eat high protein and get into a true keto state.

The reason this diet needed heavy supervision is because staying in true ketosis is exceptionally impossible for adults (especially in a North America society fueled by tricky labels and processed foods)

I don’t call my diets “Keto” although it has some similarities at times, why? Because real keto is not easy to achieve or maintain, it takes constant work and monitoring and one slip up throws everything off, sometimes for days! It’s not a palatable diet for most in my opinion, after hundreds of case studies and working in nutrition for 10+ yrs.

Getting 80-90 percent of your calories from fat—which is what’s generally required for real keto—is actually kinda difficult.
It involves eating a lot of rich, heavy foods, You’re only allowed 10 to 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, so a single apple puts you outside of that 👀

The real problem isn’t even going over your carb limit—it’s the protein. A true therapeutic keto diet limits your protein intake severely, remember, If you’re eating a lot of protein, your body is essentially breaking that down into carbs in the end. Your body is in desperation mode on keto, without a reasonable supply of carbohydrates coming from grains and fruits, you’ll start breaking down the amino acids in proteins to make glucose.

Glucose, your body’s primary source of fuel. Too much isn’t good for you, but some is needed just to allow your cells to function normally.

The point of keto is to force your body to deplete its glucose (and the stored form, glycogen) so it will have to use stubborn body fat as a energy source.
It’s capable of making ketone bodies from your fat, which can replace glucose as an energy-storing molecule if necessary.
To do that, you have to break apart fat molecules thus ‘burning’ the fat off.

But here’s the thing: your body is all about efficiency and it really really hates to run out of glucose. No glucose means starvation as far as the body is concerned—even if you're not feeling hungry, your body is still missing one of its key macronutrients, so it then assumes you’re (nutritionally) starving and will actually start to break down protein just to get those precious carbs.

Of course, we have a built in protein in our body already: our own muscles, when in starvation mode, your body breaks down muscle very quickly as a efficient source to keep us going.
Ketosis is a way of trying to preserve that protein. It’s not ideal, but it’s your body’s way of saving you.

If you give your body any more than the absolute minimum amount of protein that it needs, it will immediately break it down into carbs when attempting keto!

But Ryan, isn’t protein crucial to building lean muscle?
Yep… hence why I’m writing this post!
Protein is the ABSOLUTE non negotiable macro nutrient that you need and cannot survive without especially if you are trying to look above average!

Misinformed trainers constantly give a guideline for eating way too much protein while trying keto but the real problem is that no one guideline works for everyone, its an imperfect formula and no formula works for everyone!

It’s really easy to mess up and accidentally ingest too much protein or carbs.

So why bother with keto when you have other options that give you 80% of the best pieces of keto without the headaches and impossibility of trying to go full keto all the time.

The answer is, I don’t.

I have very few clients who actually do full keto, the Apex diet calls for keto methods but it is much different, I’d rather have somebody figure out the right balance for them through carb cycling & fat fasting 99/100 times.

Moral of the story, if you don’t think you can live on a keto diet for the rest of your life, why even bother. You NEED protein to build a stand out physique which you now know can completely throw you out of ketosis anyways! Not to mention keto simply hinders athletic performance to much to be able to train as hard as I would like to see !

Yes you can lose massive amounts of WEIGHT doing keto for a month but notice I say WEIGHT and not FAT because most of the people i’ve monitored start to look like a bag of milk the longer they attempt it and weight loss should not be the goal! Fat loss, feeling good and how you look in the mirror should be!

If you’re interested in keto but want to try something more livable and realistic long term, the APEX diet might be perfect for you.

Take care. Coach Rosie


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