We try and keep things “real” in our approach to helping clients reach their fitness goals. It’s not our job to simply tell people what they should do and hope they do it but to help them create the kind of lifestyle they desire and can realistically sustain, day after day.

Meet Coach Ryan (Rosie)
& Apex Living

I was a small-town farm kid, grew up on a farm outside of Midale, Saskatchewan (a town of 500 people) – the kind of place where a handshake could seal a deal and you waved at everyone you drove past whether you knew who it was or not. The kind of place where you really had to have a good imagination as a kid or you were in trouble.

A lot has changed since those days. I moved to the “big” city, and the gym was always my escape where I built my confidence to go from the shy, awkward farm boy to a trainer and businessman who has now helped over 30,000 people change their lives.

I built my business around that hand shake ideology I grew up with – no gimmicks, fads or deceptive sales tactics. Full disclosure.

I want you to realize that not all fitness people are “out to get you ”. Many really do want to help. They simply don’t know any better.

It took me about 6-7 years of myself “not knowing any better”, (and that’s a lot of life), to eventually learn the real science and proper ways to get lean WITHOUT deprivation!

When I started Apex Vision Fitness I was on a mission to build a program that gets amazing results and, more importantly, I wanted to get rid of the BULLSHIT I had seen and even tried myself for so many years.

Rice cakes and protein shakes, chicken breast & broccoli? That was a miserable life and definitely is no “Lifestyle” I’d recommend.

I developed the APEX plans to be REALISTIC for NORMAL PEOPLE, because that is how it needs to be for TRUE SUCCESS. Lots of flexibility and fun, getting you to a place where you have a body that works hard for you, staying lean without the starvation and crazy rules.

This is the “ANTI DIET- DIET & workout program” for a reason! Not because you shouldn’t strive to be healthier and sexier but because this industry has some MAJOR FLAWS in it that are KILLING PEOPLES CHANCES and I want you to learn from my mistakes & experience, no need to spend your life chasing a myth, listening to lies. GONE are the days of 6-week fads and programs that do nothing but get you some fake results and a body less capable long term!

Team Apex has ONE GOAL-
To get you looking & living BETTER, to show you how YOUR body wants to eat, sleep, LIVE to be at its BEST. Getting your most important hormones working hard to keep you lean and sexy without hours on a stair-master, CRANKING up your metabolism and natural potential. Getting you in better mental & physical health – So you finally feel like YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Forget about that deprived way of living, forget about insane amount of cardio & 2 hour workouts! What you need to build and more importantly, KEEP, is a body that’s aligned- mentally, hormonally, and metabolically. That way, the physical results come with ease, and not for just 6 weeks or 8 weeks…. but, FOREVER. Apex Dieting, will teach you just THAT.

Ready For Your Lifestyle Overhaul?

Apex 365 Can Change Your Life Forever

This isn’t another one of those cookie-cutter training plans that never seem to work. YOUR custom Apex 365 program will be built according to your body type, chronotype, goals, and more. Your transformation will begin with a mindset adjustment and will end with finally sculpting the body you desire.

APEX will show you STEP BY STEP, how you build a body and lifestyle that can  actually have fun living with

A way of life where you feel like you’re finally in COMPLETE CONTROL of your weight and physique!

It’s time to get your body back, and FINALLY working FOR you.

When I show you what small (but significant) changes we can make to improve your mental, emotional & physical self, you won’t ever live your life the same again. You will sleep like a baby and wake ready to seize the day. You’ll be happier, hornier and ready to take on anything.

Your ‘diet’ will never feel like a diet again and the best version of YOU can start doing more LIVING.

More Overall Energy

More overall energy will make your training more effective and will help you enjoy all other parts of your life. Our methodology allows us to predict the exact changes your body will achieve.​

Variety of Foods

A variety of palatable foods to reduce any chance of developing food allergies or sensitivities. We personally develop and test our recipes, all of which we use in our own training regimes.​

Zero Deprivation

Most diets that promise weight loss are just low-calorie diets. They can work in the short-run but they usually bring big problems: weight gain, malnourishment and frustration from a lack of results. We have a Zero Deprivation philosophy so you avoid those pitfalls.

Minimal Negative Adaptations

Minimal negative adaptations of metabolic and regenerative hormones. Our mission is to lead more and more clients towards that light at the end of the fitness tunnel that is sustainable.

Sustainable Eating

There isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to nutrition for sustainable results. Reaching your goals involves a deliberate, persistent, effort to build a lifestyle that fits you. We promise ZERO binge and deprivation patterns so that your guilt is a minimum and your results are at a maximum.

Year-Round Physique

We try and keep things “real” in our approach to helping clients reach their fitness goals. It’s not our job to simply tell you what you should do and leave you to it. Our goal is to help you create the kind of lifestyle you desire and can realistically sustain, day after day.

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