We try and keep things “real” in our approach to helping clients reach their fitness goals. It’s not our job to simply tell people what they should do and hope they do it but to help them create the kind of lifestyle they desire and can realistically sustain, day after day.

Meet Coach Ryan (Rosie)
& Apex Living

I was just a small-town farm kid, growing up on a farm outside of Midale, Saskatchewan (a town of 500 people) – the kind of place where a handshake could seal a deal and you waved at everyone you drove past whether you knew who it was or not. The kind of place where you really had to have a good imagination as a kid or you were in trouble.

A lot has changed since those days. I escaped to the “big” city and had to learn and grow in many ways, and the gym was always my escape where I built confidence to go from shy, awkward farm boy to a trainer and businessman who has helped close to 6,000 people change their lives.

I built my business around that hand shake ideology I grew up with – not gimmicks or fads or deceptive sales tactics. Full disclosure. I want you to realize that n​ot all fitness people are “out to get you​”. Ma​ny really do want to help.​ Th​ey are sincere but,​ ​sadly,​​ many don’t practice what they preach.

When I started Apex Vision Fitness I was on a mission to build a program that gets amazing results and, more importantly, I wanted to get rid of the BULLSHIT I had seen and even tried myself for so many years.

I eventually learned from mentors the real science and proper ways to get lean without deprivation, but it took 6-7 years of doing everything wrong, and that’s a lot of life!

Too much wasted time, energy and willpower. Time I could have been spending on other aspects of life, doing more, learning more, enjoying more.

So why do 98% OF ALL DIETS STILL FAIL? Yes, sometimes people aren’t ready for the change it takes. Some people are lazy and have terrible habits that aren’t fixed overnight BUT often it’s due to them following flawed design and broken science. Even with the best habits and discipline, if the program itself is broken, you are setup to fail.

Most of the diets you see everywhere and attempt to follow are improperly designed and, over time, will actually reverse your body after the quick fad results wear off.

Hell, I’ll be honest and tell you that MOST of what I learned when studying exercise and nutrition is straight up wrong.

I want to help normal people start looking and feeling super human, BUT, in a way that is based around real science so they KNOW it’s sustainable. 

It won’t have you crashing and burning or left with a lifestyle full of sacrifices, that you end up hating and giving up on anyways.

While it is possible to work harder, it will eventually leave you in a place with not much time left for the things you love, family, hobbies, FUN! Better to work SMARTER, isn’t it?

This is something I see all the time in the fitness world. People start preaching the tupperware calorie counting lifestyle; eating fish and broccoli, counting every macro, everyday, calling it the “Fit Life”. THAT IS NOT A LIFESTYLE!! True health shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be a sacrifice.

It is just insanity if you’re not utilizing the amazing developments in sports and nutrition science discovered in recent years.  You can and will look better eating foods you love and enjoy – feeling full and content, having less cravings and more free time – but it means you have to be using the right science and philosophy.

Bad diets, like the ones you see so many YO-YO dieters and “fitness” people using, end up limiting long term potential, ruining chances at a happy, FULFILLED life and one day, they all burn you out and leave you back at square one, confused and frustrated.  

That is everything Apex Vision is against and is here to change. Once and for all.

With Apex I really do want people to see through the fitness crap pedaled on late night TV. Even the personal trainers who mean well often just don’t know any better.

I’ve trained hundreds of trainers like this and can tell you straight up that they aren’t “out to get people” or cause any harm. They just do what they know. They enforce the status quo. Hell, LOTS the stuff I learned in college was straight up harmless bullshit  It wasn’t until after I was out of school and in the real world that I actually learned the proper science.

I set out to create something different – a COMPLETE and unique lifestyle approach that was more than a diet or workout program – something that didn’t just work for people with perfect genetics but for REAL people with real, busy lives.  People like YOU, I’m assuming.

I’ve dedicated the last 15 years to finding the best ways for REAL people to break the plateaus that hold so many back from ever getting tangible, sustainable results.

Getting lean/toned/jacked (whatever you want to call it) does NOT mean suffering through those ridiculous diets. Sure, lots of them will get you quick results… but THEY WILL end up costing you later, leaving you worse off than when you started. It’s like running up a credit card to its limit without ever paying down the balance. Eventually it’ll cost you far more down the road. 

My Apex programs are designed to, not only get you looking the way you want, but have you enjoy the process as you go through it. I want you to learn so much you’ll want to keep it up long after you’re finished the program. That’s called a lifestyle, my friend, NOT a DIET!

I’ve never understood the concept of living miserably while “ON” a diet, just so you can look good for a short time then fall off the wagon, going back to looking just how you did before the misery of the diet began!  How is that balance?  Don’t you want to look good and feel good in your skin 365 days a year, without sacrificing so much?…..

Truth is, people don’t just give up on diets.  98% of diets never work past month two! We think people are intrinsically lazy and GIVE UP, when the reality is our bodies are craving sugar and carbs and fats and feeling like crap BECAUSE the diet isn’t right and is actually causing is to reach for the ice cream or potato chips when things reach a breaking point. By then, it’s too late and our metabolisms are damaged from eating this restrictive or low-calorie way for too long.

The nutritional science and, often the training, is fundamentally flawed or based on obsolete methods.

This means that even with the utmost discipline, you can’t really ever win dieting the “Bro-Science” way.

Ready For Your Lifestyle Overhaul?

12 Weeks to Apex Can Change Your Life Forever

This isn’t another one of those cookie-cutter training plans that never seem to work. YOUR custom 12 Weeks to Apex program will be built according to your body type, goals, and more. Your transformation will begin with a mindset adjustment and will end with finally sculpting the body you desire.

Results come from a crafted methodology

Method and methodology are rooted in everything that Apex Vision Fitness does so they can predict for clients the exact changes their bodies will achieve. This instills confidence and brings transparency into a process that has, in the past, been too often clouded by guesswork and too much misleading info in the marketplace.

Getting leaner, heathier, cut, shredded, or jacked, are all terms we hear daily from people describing their fitness goals. The problem is that 95% of the methods used to diet and train are not sustainable and won’t result in a way of life you can enjoy living.

By taking a complete approach to the fitness lifestyle, nothing is left to chance. Every single area that could possibly impact a client’s performance and physical well being is first audited, then managed, and demystified for maximum results.

More Overall Energy

More overall energy will make your training more effective and will help you enjoy all other parts of your life. Our methodology allows us to predict the exact changes your body will achieve.​

Variety of Foods

A variety of palatable foods to reduce any chance of developing food allergies or sensitivities. We personally develop and test our recipes, all of which we use in our own training regimes.​

Zero Deprivation

Most diets that promise weight loss are just low-calorie diets. They can work in the short-run but they usually bring big problems: weight gain, malnourishment and frustration from a lack of results. We have a Zero Deprivation philosophy so you avoid those pitfalls.

Minimal Negative Adaptations

Minimal negative adaptations of metabolic and regenerative hormones. Our mission is to lead more and more clients towards that light at the end of the fitness tunnel that is sustainable.

Sustainable Eating

There isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to nutrition for sustainable results. Reaching your goals involves a deliberate, persistent, effort to build a lifestyle that fits you. We promise ZERO binge and deprivation patterns so that your guilt is a minimum and your results are at a maximum.

Year-Round Physique

We try and keep things “real” in our approach to helping clients reach their fitness goals. It’s not our job to simply tell you what you should do and leave you to it. Our goal is to help you create the kind of lifestyle you desire and can realistically sustain, day after day.

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