Perfect Beast

Custom to your size and body type, the result is a proven program that does away with the old school bulking that has held you back. This is the new science of muscle.
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Does Perfect Beast Deliver Results? Yes!

The Perfect Beast Blueprint utilizes the latest techniques in science and bodybuilding to bring you this 60 Day mass gaining program. We set the bar for pure, lean mass gains.

Studies have shown that with a technique called advanced periodization training, you can get a “20% increase in neuromuscular function (strength and power).

The Good News: You can get 20% more gains to your chest, arms, legs, shoulders and back, just by utilizing advanced periodization training.

The Bad News: You need to know how to do it properly in order to get results and gain that 20% increase.

The Even Better News: Perfect Beast Blueprint shows you EXACTLY how to do this, step-by-step!

What Can You Expect From Your Perfect Beast Blueprint?

Gain up to 10, or even 15, pounds of lean muscle while trimming body fat in the process!

What's Included In Perfect Beast Blueprint?

Perfect Beast Blueprint is based on 15 years of fitness experience, the training of thousands of clients, and the latest in fitness research.

Dozens of research studies have been collected, analyzed, and applied to effectively maximize YOUR muscle gains in 60 days. Perfect Beast Blueprint is backed by evidence based science with real life results.

Nothing is left to chance.

Boost Your Gains by 20%
The Perfect Beast Blueprint would normally set you back $695. But not today. Get your special introductory price while it lasts.
Only $695 $179
or 2 payments of $99
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Multi-Phase Custom
Designed Meal Plan

$249 Value

You already know that you can’t do the same monotonous 3 sets of 10 repetitions workout plans for months on end and continue to get awesome gains. The same applies to your diet and nutrition. I can even go as far to say that cycling your nutrition is even more crucial than cycling your training.

Your Perfect Beast Blueprint is no exception to this philosophy, and you will be cycling your nutrition to optimize training days.

Advanced Hypertrophy
Training Regime

$149 Value

Traditional bulking sabotages the optimal functioning of hormones responsible for gaining muscle. Perfect Beast keeps all of it in check. Muscle hypertrophy, or the enlargement of muscles cells, is exactly what we are looking for and what we will prime your body to deliver.

Advanced Supplement

$249 Value

In today’s world of nutrition and bodybuilding, supplements simply cannot be ignored. They are critical if you are looking for that extra edge. The problem is, not all dietary and nutrition supplements are created equal. You will learn about that will actually help you add muscle.

Perfect Beast
Manual eBook

$89 Value

Perfect Beast Blueprint is based on 15 years of fitness experience and research. And it's been concentrated into over 100 pages that will help you increase lean muscle mass as fast and as efficiently as possible, WITHOUT giving you the unnecessary and unsightly fat gains that come along with a traditional “bulk”.

“I am an experienced lifter and wanted a challenge. My expectations were exceeded. Best money I've ever spent. I have already recommended you to many friends and will only continue to do so!"
- Michael M.

Grocery List
& Recipe Book

$39 Value

The Perfect Beast bulk isn't for the faint of heart (or empty of stomach). You will be utilizing 4 different types of nutrition days each week in a unique 7-day pattern that will compliment your training. All recipes have been personally tested and paired specifically for your schedule with a detailed, easy-to-follow, grocery list.

Live Apex Premium
Support Group


Become part of an exclusive community of "Apexers". Connect with others who are making their way to their own gains and reach out to Apex Vision Fitness trainers to answer your questions. Make sure you Live Apex and get the most from your program with exclusive access to Premium Support.

I'm Ryan Rosengren. I built Perfect Beast Blueprint with one goal: Pure. Lean. Mass.
As an Elite Athlete, Bodybuilder and Pro Trainer, I’ve seen and tried it all over the last 15 years.

Perfect Beast is my ultimate blueprint for building lean muscle mass as fast and as efficiently as possible, WITHOUT giving you the unnecessary and unsightly fat gains that come along with a traditional “bulk”.

get up to 20% more gains
from the Perfect Beast Advanced Training Techniques

"The support is great. The way the workout and meal plans are laid out is perfect. Easy to follow and fool proof. Stick to the plan and you will get the results. I would highly recommend.
- Josh E.
Boost Your Gains by 20%
Build lean muscle mass, FAST, without the unsightly gains that come with a traditional “bulk phase”. Build the Perfect Beast.
Only $695 $179
or 2 payments of $99
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Gain 10-15 LBS of Lean Muscle.

The Perfect Beast Blueprint sets the bar for pure, lean, mass gains. Start your Beast for one, easy, payment of $179 or two monthly payments of $99.

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