Competition Prep

From: USD $465.00 / month for 3 months

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Competition Prep

Programs will vary in length from 12-16 weeks. All aspects of competition prep are covered for all disciplines.

  • 1-on-1 assistance from your coach to help organize membership & registration with the Federation most suited/beneficial for your body type/goals
  • Critique of your body composition and posing to decide appropriate Category and Class for each athlete
  • Assistance with suit selection, measurements, color recommendations, and ordering of suit from reliable sources. Setting up spray tans, hotels, hair & make up, photo shoots.
  • Posing check-ins via Face-Time/Skype/or Video text are mandatory (dependent on location of athlete, online athletes are still encouraged to send posing videos to coach)
  • Optional One-on-One posing opportunity if needed and within appropriate distance
  • Continued diet, training & cardio alterations to competitors’ regime throughout competition prep on a personalized basis, dependent on the physique and progress of the athlete.
  • Personalized “Peak Week Plan” is given to all athletes to follow for 7 days prior to their show date. Peak Week planning includes all information necessary for an athlete getting on stage.
  • One week post-show support with included personalized reverse dieting plan to ensure competitors are able to implement lifestyle dieting after obtaining their optimal physique for the show. Clients also have the option of rolling over onto a monthly maintenance plan immediately following the show to slowly ease back into “normal” life.
  • Continued support from your coach via text message or email
  • If within appropriate distance, coach will attend the show to support athlete(s).
  • 24/7 text/call/email/FaceTime is given to any athlete competing without coach present on the weekend of their show

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