Custom Program

USD $350.00

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Custom Program

We will design your unique custom program and promise it will produce unbelievable results for you if you are prepared to work hard and follow the plan. You can absolutely achieve life changing fat loss, muscle gain or whatever your specific goal is with your program. Bold promises, we know, but after thousands of happy clients and testimonials we know what works and are trying to rid the industry of fad “diets” that will never work long term.

Our philosophies on hypertrophy training, dieting and optimal fat loss are all based on a sound LIFESTYLE approach and the latest in nutritional science. NOTHING we do is meant to give you only quick results that will eventually put you further behind than before you started. Sadly that is usually the case with too many other programs that are not using the right philosophies.

IF YOU CAN’T ENJOY YOUR LIFE ON YOUR PLAN IT WILL NEVER LAST! We want you to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time.


Our custom programs are tailored to the individual goals of anyone and everyone – no matter what your experience – from elite athletes to busy business people and parents with young children the plan and systems may change to suit YOU but the sound philosophy stays the same!

The system itself is a combination of:

  • University research/studies from such respected institutions as Cambridge University (Pharmacology)
  • Studies and results from some of the best coaches, physicians and nutritionists in the business
  • Incorporation of sound Biomechanics-style training
  • 1000’s of hands-on hours in the trench ie. personal gym experience
  • 1000’s of personal fitness training sessions, our own and studies from others
  • Rigorous examination of hundreds of peer programs and training systems
  • And most importantly, our ongoing analysis of the results that actual clients are getting. AKA We know what works!

Included in your custom program:

Meal Plan

Composed of proper macro planning to add quality muscle while dropping fat. Macronutrient-based programs OR set meal plans are offered so that the best choice for you will be made and will support your long term success.

Individualized Training & Cardio Program

Programs will target your specific goals and needs. They will be adapted as your body dictates according to your biofeedback thus maximizing your metabolic capacity based on your goals.

Suggested Supplementation

Pre and Post-workout protocol – what to take and what to avoid to make the most of your routine and genetics.

Tips & Tricks

To maximize your natural muscle building hormones like testosterone and Growth Hormone so you will put your body in a position to build more muscle and burn more fat and will feel better and be healthier overall….AT ANY AGE.

Grocery list

Along with some easy recipes. Whether you have all the time in the world to focus on things or your schedule requires something simple we strive to make it as easy as possible to fit your lifestyle and routine.


Fact – 98% of healthy adults can build a lean, well muscled physique that burns fat all day by following the right custom program for their genetics, for 18 months. Apex Vision clients can reach that goal in ¼ of that time.

Yet we know that many of you reading this have probably been wasting months or even years simply “spinning your wheels”, missing out on crucial elements, listening to a industry flooded with bad and outdated information.

Ours is a proven system that works every time because we have stripped away everything that will hinder your success and keep you from moving forward. In a nutshell, we leave nothing to chance and cover every single variable that’s crucial to achieving fat loss, healthy hormonal balance & muscle growth as fast as possible!

All we ask is that YOU put in the same effort we are about to put into you. Radical change is a team effort all the way.

This e-book, valued at $19.95 is 100% FREE. No credit card required.

Your information is 100% Secure and Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.



Crazy thing is…


98% of diets & workout plans have these FATALLY designed flaws.


Making results after a few months IMPOSSIBLE. STOP following broken diets and outdated “bro science” workouts.


Let’s get you on the RIGHT path


No Matter How Far You’ve Gone Down The Wrong Road, It’s Never To Late To Turn Around.