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“Living Apex” is about using real science to give you the best possible balance in your life. All Apex programs are designed to transform your body and redefine your lifestyle.

Starter Programs

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    Recreate Yourself

    USD $99.00 USD $25.00

    Discover all the APEX tips and tricks you haven’t heard that will keep you LEAN & bikini-ready year-round while eating food you love! It’s time to ditch your old restriction diet.

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    Perfect Beast Secrets

    USD $199.00 USD $29.00

    Are you ready pack on lean muscle mass? Get the secrets you have been missing.

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    USD $89.00 USD $15.00

    The program that will add at least one inch of muscle to your arms and calves in 6 weeks. GUARANTEED. Apex Overload – Arms & Calves is a specific protocol for muscles that require a unique approach!

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get-Ripped Programs

  • Perfect Beast Blueprint

    USD $179.00

    Been stuck at a plateau and struggling to pack on serious muscle?! Look no further. The Perfect Beast Blueprint is my most advanced step-by-step manual to getting JACKED in just 8 weeks!

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  • 12 Weeks to APEX for Women

    USD $279.00

    Are you ready to build your year-round dream bod? Custom built to your specific body type and goals.

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  • 12 Weeks to APEX for Men

    USD $279.00

    Are you ready to build, long-term and sustainable, muscle gains? Custom built to your specific body type and goals.

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Meals & Recipes

custom coaching

  • APEX 1-on-1 Coaching

    From: USD $700.00 / month for 3 months

    ONE TIME ONLY offer for 45% off our Custom Program!

    Use code: 1TIMEONLY
    *Only available on ‘one payment’ plan*

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  • Competition Prep

    From: USD $465.00 / month for 3 months

    Programs will vary in length from 12-16 weeks. All aspects of competition prep are covered for all disciplines.

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  • Custom Program & Coaching

    USD $250.00 / month for 3 months

    Get your $325 full custom program FREE* when you sign up for your 3 month 1-on-1 coaching.

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  • Custom Program

    USD $350.00

    You can absolutely achieve life changing fat loss, muscle gain or whatever your specific goal is with your program.

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