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Unlock the Door To Your Potential

Whether you’ve let the ‘Dad-Bod’ get the best of you or you’re sick of looking the same, not getting anywhere fast.
Look no further.

Perfect Beast Secrets is the hardcore manual for smashing plateaus using tips and tricks, you’ll wish you had years ago! 


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What’s the big secret?

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to show you the tricks needed to sculpt a shredded body in the fastest, most optimized and sustainable way.

It’s time to put down that bland diet food, stop counting calories and discover the muscle building secrets you have been missing out on.

In Perfect Beast Secrets, I’ll lay out a optimal diet and training program you can use. You will be told what and when to eat so you are mastering your hormones LIKE: Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Insulin, Cortisol! Without controlling these… Calories don’t mean shit! 

I’ll also tell you how much cardio you truthfully will need to get shredded and its less than you think! I’ll tell you the exact gym techniques that I discovered to help me push past plateaus I was stuck at for years! 

Get the most out of every workout, Better yet, the most out of everyday!

Over the last 15+ years of training and studying the body, I can honestly say that I have literally tried it all. I have taken all of my lessons and knowledge and created this easy to follow plan that delivers impressive results – fast (regardless of your current fitness level).


I thought I knew it all. I had bought a few online programs from Instagram “fit-famous” guys and used them with some success. When I got Ryan’s stuff I was shocked by how different it actually was from the usual cookie-cutter stuff I was used to seeing. It has made a huge difference for me!


age 22

Build the Body and the Life You Deserve

The goal is simple: Lose fat while maintaining AND building muscle mass! The result? Look and feel better than ever.

A Few Of the Things You Will Learn in Perfect Beast Secrets:

  • Why traditional “BULKING” & “cutting” Methods ruin long term results & sustainability
  • How to eat more food you love (burgers & pizza) and actually get MORE results! (Using strategic nutrient timing & insulin)
  • How natural growth cycles work and how to take advantage of them
  • Why “bad genetics” are simply an excuse and how to maximize what you have!
  • How to become more MORE ANABOLIC and LESS CATABOLIC 24/7!
  • How having a 6 pack 365 days a year is possible when you use the RULES!
  • Building The REAL applicable Habits Necessary To Succeed in life & your fitness goals
  • Why NOT eating is the worst thing you can do...EVEN if you're Overweight
  • How Carb Backloading & Carb Cycling Makes Cheaters = WINNERS (cheat meals 101!)
  • The Best Way To Train To Add & Sculpt Muscle (and it's not the old school heavy lifting routines you are used too!)
  • How to enjoy life more! Sacrifice less, have more confidence, pick up more women and overall LIVE A MORE BAD ASS LIFE

The New Science of Muscle is the Secret To Your New Life

Perfect Beast Secrets has been designed to keep you BURNING FAT & BUILDING MUSCLE at all times.

We’ll get your body in its optimal state so you can transform your physique and your life.

Get the “Metabolic Maximizer” Recipe Book Free ($39 value), when you order Now!

Only $199
$29 USD

To get The Physique You Want It Takes Using Every Tool And Advantage You can Get!

It’s time for you to ditch the boring chicken and rice, tupperware life diet plan! Discover the NEW muscle-building secrets you’ve been missing out on.

By using the modern scientific techniques in this plan, you can eat how you want and still get better results than ever.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal
1 cup of egg whites

Meal 2: 7 oz chicken breast
1/2 cup broccoli

Meal 3: 7 oz Chicken breast or Tilapia
1/2 cup brown rice

I’ve put on more muscle in the past 2 months than the previous 5 years combined!  This has been a game changer! Thanks Ryan & Apex.


age 32

What You Get
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Designed to fit almost any style of diet or lifestyle
(ie. gluten-free, low carb, paleo, vegan, etc)


40+ Pages of
Tips & Tricks

All the tips, tricks and expert secrets that you NEED to be following to get bigger & leaner.


Muscle Minded
Meal Plan

Can you add muscle while getting ripped? Only if you use the science applied in Perfect Beast Secrets! 7-day plan included.


Pro Level

Exclusive workouts built for champions optimized around hypertrophy & science so there is no guessing! ONLY RESULTS,


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Get insider-only information on the latest knowledge for muscle building. Join like minded people in your journey to achieve the greatest version of yourself!


The Science
Behind Why

Understanding equals more success. Smash plateaus and understand your body better.


Secrets of
The Elite

Get the secrets of the elite trainers that only comes with over 15 years of experience.

I thought my best years were behind me. I had always worked out, on and off, for 20 years but had never fully reached the body I wished for. After this I know why! I’ve learned so much and I’m seeing results! Better late than never! My new goal is to look better at 50 than I did at 30!


age 48

Go from where you are now to where you want to be in record time

Discover the tools I have developed over the past 16 years that allow me to be shredded 365 days a year WITHOUT sacrifice!

Use the tricks in this program to learn secrets that most aren’t talking about and gain the advantages you need so you can stay big & shredded 24/7! 

Get the “Metabolic Maximizer” Recipe Book Free ($39 value), when you order Now!

Only $199
$29 USD

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98% of diets & workout plans have these FATALLY designed flaws.


Making results after a few months IMPOSSIBLE. STOP following broken diets and outdated “bro science” workouts.


Let’s get you on the RIGHT path


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