Are You Less than Impressed with your Body right now?

Do You Have Stubborn Fat that won’t take the hint no matter what you do? Are you confused about which diet is best for YOUR body-type and lifestyle?

The plain truth is that well over 90% of ALL diets fail to have ANY long term positive result. Go from “SO-SO” to SEXY with your Recreate Yourself program.

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What’s the big secret?

The plain truth is that well over 90% of ALL diets fail to have ANY long term positive result! This isn’t just because people are lacking commitment but has much more to do with the fact that those plans, in general, were never designed to work past 4-8 weeks.

They begin strong then fade, eventually causing your body to work against you more than it’s working for you! That is a recipe for disaster and something you just can’t continue doing if you hope to create (or RE-create) a LIFESTYLE that you love!  


To be honest, I haven’t lost weight like this in my life – I know this isn’t a quick fix plan, as Danielle explains, but the results have been drastic & fast. I’m ecstatic about it, and more important I feel fantastic – thank you so much for your help through all this.


Go from so-so to sexy...& Have A REAL LIFE!

We want you to look great and feel healthy and vibrant YEAR ROUND, not just while you’re “on” some diet.

“Feeling amazing in your own skin might be the single greatest thing you can do for EVERY aspect of your life. I truly do believe that once you get control of that, everything else becomes easier.” – Coach Ryan 

  • “Recreate” is the first key to unlocking that door and starting on your journey to the body you love and to long-term happiness
  • Time to get off the YOYO Diet train and discover the small secrets that make the biggest differences
  • Discover a lifestyle you love instead of living “on" a diet you can’t wait to be ‘Off” of

If you get even ONE THING out of the “RECREATE YOURSELF” that you implement into your daily routine it could very well be a game-changer for you.

Discover The New Science of Sexy

We pride ourselves on results that clients are proud of AND that can be sustained long term. NO MATTER what their body type.

With over 6000 satisfied clients and amazing transformations it’s safe to say that the principles on which Apex Vision Fitness designs all of our programs is as sound as it gets.

Only $99
$25 USD


We started this company in 2014 with that as our reason – to teach people that they actually do have an amazing body and we just need to help them uncover it by using science, not broken, old-wives-tale dieting fads.

Of course, that will take a little discipline from you but with the science-based principles that Apex was built upon, things get a lot easier! 

Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal
1 cup of egg whites

Meal 2: 7 oz chicken breast
1/2 cup broccoli

Meal 3: 7 oz Chicken breast or Tilapia
1/2 cup brown rice

“I had a trip to Mexico booked and needed to get “bikini ready”. Had great results, very easy to follow. As long as you keep motivated and follow the program you will definitely see results!”


What You Get
For Only $99 $25

Designed to fit almost any style of diet or lifestyle
(ie. gluten-free, low carb, paleo, vegan, etc)


No More
Yo-Yo Diets

The groundbreaking BUT simple roadmap to finally getting past those plateaus & blocks that have been holding you back from sustained weight loss. No more dangerous FAD diets.


Body Minded
Meal Plan

Designed to let you enjoy a REAL life - not one spent starving, working out all the time, or eating bland, boring food.


Recreate Your Physique

Overcome the fear, doubt and hesitation once and for all. Discover the realistic steps to recreate your physique quickly and safely.


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The Science
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The exact framework you need to follow - that 99% of IG models and trainers fail to talk about - no matter your body type or experience.


Body Shaping

Step-by-step actions that confirm the new lifestyle you’re creating is working. Ditch those feelings of overwhelm and keep moving ahead with this playbook.

“Everything has been awesome & delicious! I’m so excited with my progress, this is the best I’ve ever felt about my body and it’s only just the beginning!”


Go from where you are now to where you really want to be in record time

Learn secrets that most aren’t talking about and gain the advantages you need so you can stay sexy 24/7! 

Get the “Metabolic Maximizer” Recipe Book Free ($39 value), when you order Now!

Only $99
$25 USD

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Crazy thing is…


98% of diets & workout plans have these FATALLY designed flaws.


Making results after a few months IMPOSSIBLE. STOP following broken diets and outdated “bro science” workouts.


Let’s get you on the RIGHT path


No Matter How Far You’ve Gone Down The Wrong Road, It’s Never To Late To Turn Around.